There are so many ways that art influences sneaker culture and vice versa. From sneakers starting out as a sketch or design, to the products we rock daily. Previously, we highlighted the art of Sue Tsai and how her apparel collection at Six:02 meant more than just shirts and jackets. Artists put emotions in their work and it's usually inspired by something.

Sue Tsai had the opportunity to do just that with Reebok's global ambassador, Gigi Hadid. The artist sat down with Gigi and chat it up about what inspires her while being unapologetically herself at all times. Gigi is part of the "Always Classic" Reebok campaign which encourages empowerment and drive to push your own limits.

“Gigi gave me a lot of inspiration to work with. She loves nature and she feels unstoppable when she gets out of the city,”

                                                                              - Sue Tsai, Artist


Artist Sue Tsai created a colorful Reebok Freestyle Hi to show inspiration into Gigi's life. During the creative process, Sue learned meaning behind Gigi's favorite color.

“Yellow is a color that is able to inspire happiness; in a way it makes me feel energized and uplifted,”                     

                                                                         - Gigi Hadid

While using touches of Sue's own personal tastes, she created a motif with floral patterns and roads on the Reebok Freestyle Hi. The design is meant to be inspired by drive, femininity, and empowerment. What do you think of this artistic design?!


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