One thing we pride ourselves on here at CNKDaily is our commonality. We totally get that being a woman often feels like a full-time job and sometimes, you just need a little help, a little bit of instruction and, ultimately, a way to make your life just a LITTLE bit easier. So, I had an idea to tap into our network to pull knowledge and insight from some of our favorite go-getting ladies for a series of "CNK Guides" designed to educate, empower, and help you compliment your already dope SneakHER Style.

Kicking things off (pun intended), we thought that it would be awesome to see how one of our favorite fashionistas keeps it cute and cozy for a little thing called: DATE NIGHT. You know the drill, right? Getting ready to hit the town with bae and you ARE NOT feeling heels. No worries! NC-based blogging beauty Melissa Chanel is dishing her tips on how to add some KICK to your date night style.

You ready? Keep scrolling.

Listen, I'm getting older and comfort is key! I know we all want to be cute and stylish on date night, but feel free to retire the heels for some dope kicks. Here are three tips I always share with Team MC on how to rock kicks on a night out with bae!

FOR: Dinner Dates, Drinks, and Nights On The Town

Dinner or a night out on the town? Pair your kicks with a suit. Yes, head over to your local Zara because they have bomb options to rock with a pair of Cortez or some fly Airmaxes. I recently purchased a yellow suit and a pink one. Can't wait to style them for an upcoming date night!

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FOR: Casual Nights Out

Think: Bowling, Biking, Bar Crawls, Etc.

Bowling? Try a pair of destroyed jeans, your sneakers of choice (Airmax 97's for me), and a cropped hoodie. I did this recently and my BF loved it. He couldn't stop telling me how much he was feeling my outfit.

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FOR: Double Dates / Jazzy Evenings

What about a double date? Thinking of showing off a little bit? Grab a shift dress from your closet, leather always stops traffic. I'd pair leather shift dress, with some puma creepers or vans and a denim jacket and you're ready to head out to Top Golf or wherever you're meeting your friends to double date.

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