Images: Overkill Women

We love jackets. Love. Track jackets, windbreakers, sweatshirts, and even winter-ready puff jackets - we love em. So, when we see something of the jacket variety it usually catches our eyes immediately. While on insta-scroll over the weekend, we spotted three jackets via Overkill Women's IG account that instantly landed on our Editoral Calendar.

Get the goods on 3 Nike Sportswear jackets we're adding to our Wish List below.

This might be the favorite. While this NikeLab Heritage Track Jacket is a little bit on the bright side, that's pretty much the point - right? We haven't found it in the states (yet) but, you can grab it now for $260 USD via Overkill's online shop.

The Nike WMNS Ghost Jacket paints a pretty clear picture, right? LOL. We couldn't help the pun. While this is definitely an appealing option, it rings in last on the list for us - why? Well, our Style Editor spotted it at NikeLab in Chicago and, in her words, "it would rip if someone pulled too hard." Nonetheless, if you'd like to give it a go, you can grab it now for $233 USD.

While it might be a bit too late for a new winter coat, this Nike WMNS Military Jacket might get copped for next year. We're loving this rich sunflower colorway BUT, with a 98% Cotton / 2% Elastane blend, we're not quite sure how warm it will be. It's also the most expensive of the three jackets, ringing in at $400 USD.

While we're definitely keeping all three of these on our radar, truth be told, their all a bit too pricey for us to justify the cop. If you're thinking the same thing, be sure to check out a few other picks we plucked out for you which are more affordable AND available right now via - that means free shipping, just FYI.

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