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Happy Monday! I'm keeping it short and simple for our latest Sneaker Diary. After a few busy months and planning our awesome Air Max Day celebration last month, I've been focusing a bit more on behind-the-scenes content and less on getting in front of the lense. I'm so excited for you all to see what we have in store for you in May! Nonetheless, after our friends at Centre (a local sneaker and clothing boutique here in Dallas) gifted me with this CNK Teal sweatshirt, I had to snap a few shots for two reasons: 1) it's one of my favorite colors, and 2) the sweatshirt is COZY. I wore this for a workdate with my friend Brittany and, luckily, she had her iPhone X on hand to capture a few quick snaps.

On most Saturdays you can usually find me at a coffee shop or with Brit at her house exchanging brunch for keyboards. Saturdays are a pretty key CNK work day for me since I'm pretty swamped with my 9-5 and, after Brit and I started our own lifestyle platform @itsbeanxcream, my time has been even more stretched. I typically opt to forego day parties and drinks (also I'm on a budget and that stuff adds up QUICK) and instead get some work done in a quiet coffe shop or one of the many cafes here in Dallas. So, I like to keep it lowkey when it comes to the wardrobe for my work dates. Sweatshirts, leggings, bodysuits, oversized boyfriend jeans, and sneaks are usually my MO.

On this particualar Saturday, I opted for an oversized sweatshirt from Centre, a pair of standard black leggings from Forever 21, and one of my new babies - a pair of Nike Pre Montreal Racers. Unfortunetly, my sweatshirt is all sold out but, you can shop similar items in the Centre custom shop OR I've linked a few budget-friendly options below that you may want to pull up on. The sneaker, which honors one of Nike's first marquee athletes Steve Prefontaine, was originally created for Steve in preparation for the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal, which he unfortunately he never ran due to a car accident. Pre's story has fascinated me and when I had the chance to snap up a pair of these I didn't really think twice. In addition to being REALLY comfortable, they're also very versatile. I can pair them with leggings, jeans, and I even wear them to work with tights and skirts. My exact pair is all sold out but, I've pulled a few similar options for you below.

I absolutely love these kicks so, don't be surprised if you see me around Triple D in them quite often. If you're feeling the cozy fit, be sure to shop the style by click the shop icons below. My entire outfit, including my favorite sunnies, cost me less than $70.

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