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CNK Closets returns with a trip to Norway to meet Hanna Helsø and all of her shoes.

A Yeezy Boost, Jordan 1 Breds, Supreme sweats, and almost every Air Max ever. The second we saw Hanna Helsø's sneaker closet, we knew we were in the right place.

While the 19-year-old Norway native’s Instagram has become a constant screenshot and repost jack move, we were blown away by the amount of thought she puts into her little piece of sneaker heaven. Helsø’s obsession with sneaker culture and streetwear started at a young age—since her small Norwegian town didn't have options on the sneaker front she slowly built her collection through travel and via online retailers. She even landed a job at leading euro customization company FITINK thanks to her meticulous eye for quality kicks.

At only 19, she’s fully immersed herself in the sneaker world, working at FITINK as a pseudo "Keeper of Kicks" she personally runs a quality check on every sneaker customization order and ensures that top-notch detail is paid to the ways customers can add their own personalities to their sneaks. We chatted about all of this and more as we admired shelves floor to ceiling shelves of everything ranging from the colorful to the classic. If you take time out of your day to read anything today, make it this. You won’t be disappointed. Welcome back to the CNK Closet.

Scroll through the images below to see Helsø’s favorite pieces. Read about her thoughts on personal style, her definition of SneakHER Culture, and what makes the perfect closet.

Small town roots, big city sneaker collection.

"I come from a small town. I can´t say that my hometown influenced me in any way, it has never been a culture for sneakers around here. We don´t have any known influencers either. I´ve always had a passion for sneakers, so i will say that i found the love for sneakers by the internet. Such as magazines online or even Instagram.

I will say I stood out early as a child, cause i always rocked the sneakers that had crazy colors or even pattern. We don´t have the best stores here, so i have to travel or buy my stuff online. I spend a lot of my time researching online before i purchase anything. So to answer your question I would say that I get most of my influence traveling, online and music. I get inspired all the time."

The secret to her ideal sneaker closet

"This is a hard question and I know some people will disagree with me. A perfect sneaker closet for me has to have a mix between classic silhouettes and some more outstanding pairs. Something I really appreciate when it comes to my own sneakers is that I still got my beaters from many years back and that I still can rock them. It can’t be all about the hype and the brand new ones, even though there’s new releases every day. Last but not least, quality over quantity. Choose something timeless, you always win with that."

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On the key difference between Europe and the US in streetwear and sneaker culture

"This is actually something I have thought about before. When I’m travelling I see a lot of different styles. I get influenced by travelling. When I traveled to London somebody asked me where i was from. I answered and he said “Yes I can see that you are not from here cause your style is clean”. I think in Scandinavian in general we dress up very clean. Matching colors, and simple wearing. We have small details that maybe stands out, as like sneakers or jewelry. I think that is also the difference between Europe as opposed to the US to be honest."

On her personal style

"I get inspired from different places and people, so I feel like my personal style is a mix of everything. Of course most of my closet are filled with streetwear pieces, I really like how fashionable and chill it is. At the same time, it’s fun to dress up sometimes with adding a touch of femininity. But my style is all about being comfortable but still look fresh and fly.

Just like my closet, my sneaker closet is a mix of everything. Different brands, hi tops, low tops, crazy silhouettes, classics, girly colorways, customs and overhyped shoes."

Her actual job is all about sneakers

"FITINK is an urban street fashion wear company, from Norway. We are proud of being Scandinavia’s leading custom service, and our goal is to push the culture forward with unique outstanding products such as custom sneakers, fashion wear and accessories. As Sneaker Chief, my main responsibility is to quality check all of our sneaker customizations, and to make sure that we use best quality products throughout the process."

Custom game STRONG

"Working with FITINK, I learned that customers care deeply about original expressions. Having yourself inked with memorable moments and personal expressions is a trend that has been here for many years. Now as sneaker game Is become huge part of the millennials lifestyle, we constantly see orders that are inspired from personal moments or stuff that are very personal to the customer.

I think customs are great. Not only do you get to wear original sneakers that you love, but you have an option to show them off with your very own personal touch."

Hanna's current rotation in 3...2...1...

"It’s been a lot of snow in Norway this winter but it’s melting away and I can finally use some white sneakers without ruining them. Right now my sneaker rotation consists of the white AF1 x Acronym, Air max 98 Fossil and Jordan 1 bred toe.

It’s always hard to pick my favorite pairs. Fashion is progress, so it changes all the time. But right now I have to say that my favorite pair is the Jordan 1 bred toe. I typically style them with some straight pants, either black or denim, and basic hoodie or long sleeve. Clean and simple, but still stylish."

Defining SneakHER Culture: Hanna Edition

"It’s not a secret that the sneaker culture is dominated by men, so to me sneakHER culture is women who stands together and shows everyone that girls can love sneakers just as much as guys. The female sneakerhead culture are thriving and WE LOVE IT!."

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