image: Outdoor Voices

image: Outdoor Voices

Just in time for summer, Outdoor Voices just released its first ever swimwear collection. Outdoor Voices has been shaking things up in the athleisure world and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. This latest collection tackles swimwear with a message of body positivity. Don’t you just love brands that take on issues like this?? Titled H2OV, this collection’s look book features gorgeous women of all sizes to show just how flattering these suits are on everyone. Like all collections from the brand, this swimwear is stylish and functional. Made for watersports, these suits are going to stay put no matter what.

Outdoor Voices brought us a collection that’s inclusive, cute and functional and I’m not mad at it. The collection features one-piece suits and an array of bikini tops and bottoms as well as a few beach accessories. I’m definitely feeling that classic feminine sporty aesthetic of OV in this collection. The primary colors and flattering silhouettes remind of a modern Baywatch. Standout pieces for me are the Splash One-Piece and the Glide set. The pieces in this collection range from $45 to $115 depending on item.

The summer season is in full swing and the beach (or nearest pool) is calling. This collection checked all of the boxes for me (cute, functional, quality). If you’re ready to hit the beach in OV too, you can SHOP THE COLLECTION below!