One thing we love about rockin' kicks is being able to express ourselves through our own personal sneaker style. The sneaker culture is all about connecting, and our universal language is shoes. Many of us see sneakers as a form of art. Technically, they do start out as a design - a drawing that translates into combining the right colorways and materials bringing together some of our favorite looks. The joy in creative expression is that we can do more with our sneakers than just wear them. Now, we can turn them into walking pieces of art that showcases our individuality.

The majority of big brands have expanded their reach to include customization options. From Vans to adidas to Nike, creating your own unique design from a blank canvas allows us to tap into our creativity while aligning our stories with a passion for sneakers. I think it was pretty cool that Nike had an international crew of ladies to customize the Cortez. Speaking of Cortez, did you see Serena Williams' create her wedding shoe with a bedazzled Cortez (it was amazing). There are quite a bit of up and coming artists that have made serious waves in the shoe industry. For example, Joshua Vides took an idea of bringing cartoon motifs to reality through sneakers amongst other things.

 Image:   @joshuavides

The question here is "What is more appealing?" Do you prefer keeping your kicks classic - like the OG colorways in a retro Jordan? Or do you prefer a head-turning 1 of 1? Some sneaker lovers are more attracted to a classic pair that hasn't been altered in any way, perserving the nostalgia or the original story behind the sneaker. We tapped into some of our sneakHER friends to hear their thoughts on preference. Check out some of their quotes below. CUSTOMS OR CLASSICS?


Some classics are so good, and don’t need to be changed, so I love it when they re-release an updated shoe that hasn’t been tweaked too much. Plus a classic shoe brings about nostalgia for me, and that’s a good feeling.
— MoMo, @mo.to_the on Instagram
I’m so all about individuality and being true to oneself! I feel they (customs) allow you to be/express who you are, your own personality/style.
— Heather, @theyellowone78 on Instagram
 Image:   @kylieboon_
I prefer the OG because of the history. Leave it original. There’s certain people I deal with when it comes to customs... because some customize their shoes and ruin the shoe (make it worse).
— Damaries, @kickitwitdd on Instagram
There’s just something about the original architecture that makes a shoe special.
— Laura, @sheshoe_game on Instagram
Being an artist, I thought it would be cool to have my art walking. Despite my love for a classic pair of sneakers, I love having the opportunity to put my own designs on shoes.
— Chris, @themisschriss_ on Instagram
Personally, I would rather keep them classic. Customs are nice if you’re not trying to put other brands on it, just your own paint job. Once you put brands, it comes off as fake.
— Diana, @Dlo1014 on Instagram
For me customizing will always be the way to keep myself an INDIVIDUAL that stands out from the crowd, instead of a follower who jumps on the next wave of popularity.
— Taniesha, @werd_customs on Instagram
I prefer classic kicks because they never go out of style.
— Deja, @devmonet on Instagram
 Image:   @cassidyw83

CNK Crew - what do YOU prefer?  There's no right or wrong answer, and it's nice to see that we have the freedom of expression to create (and wear) whatever we like.  Tag us on Instagram with #CNKDAILY and #SNEAKHERSTYLE so we can see how you rock your kicks.

Check out some of our fave silhouettes below that you can rock classic or customize!


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