Images: @wishATL IG

Images: @wishATL IG

If you grew up in the 90s, then you probably witnessed the digital greatness of the video game NBA Jam. Don’t get me wrong, I played outside BUT kids were transitioning to increased gamer mode with systems like Nintendo and Sega. Side note: The Gameboy was LIFE. Anywho, NBA Jam was iconic as it highlighted some the best players to do it on the court, allowed us to make legendary dunks, and even unlock secret players. Some of the best childhood nostalgia with NBA Jam has now been used to create a FYE capsule collection. The collaboration of Chicago’s Don C x premium sports retailer Mitchell & Ness bring back all the memories of the 90s while adding a cool modern flair.

The NBA Jam capsule collection offers a number of items that include shorts to jerseys to tshirts. Don’t we love wearing basketball shorts? I know I do with my favorite slides. The Sublimated basketball shorts are made with 100% Poly mesh and sport iconic team names across the front paying tribute to the league's best players. Check them out below.

We can call the pieces vintage inspired by the basketball players on NBA Jam. The collaboration is Don C + Mitchell & Ness’ second team up. With a premium line, you’re also looking at premium prices. These basketball shorts will run you about $500 USD. If you’re trying to grab a piece of childhood encapsulated into 2018, you can SHOP THE STYLES below!

For our fine and frugal CNK Crew members, we got y’all too. Check out some additional basketball shorts and jerseys we have in our e-carts that won’t make the bank account do a double take.


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