Earlier this year, CNK took a deep dive into a very important topic – securing your pair in a plug cultured sneaker industry. The constant struggle of assembling the plugs to even gain a chance to cop some shoes can get old pretty quick. From beloved grails (the must-haves) to GRs (general releases) – your average sneaker lover has experienced the plight of purchasing a popular pair of kicks more often than not. We need all the “plugs” we can get. Well, what if I told you that sometimes the foot site retailers can give you that assist for that special shoe without you having to personally know a store employee. Earlier this year, I began to rely heavily on the Reservation Apps for releases and overall, I would say I was #winning. Let me explain.

The sneaker retailer Reservation Apps (i.e. Footaction) have streamlined buying sneakers. Not only did the Reservation Apps make it easier to roll up to the mall and buy a shoe, but it helped to mitigate any risks that came with hyped releases. The idea of the reservation apps was to pick your shoe, have it reserved through the retailer, and pick up your pair at a convenient time on release day. No major hassle of crowds or negotiating with the sales associate to save you a pair in the stock room.



While the SNKRS App can have your anxiety level jumping from 0 to 100, the Reservation App gave me some added hope and a chance to see if my pair was locked in before release day came. Being proactive is always a plus, right? Now, you may be asking is there a catch? No, but there are ways to heighten your chances with the reservations process. I typically frequent Footaction, and have been able to cop some of my favorite sneakers this year through the app (i.e. Jordan Satin SBB, Jordan Bred Toe). Today, we’re going to dive into how the Footaction Reservation App works because it doesn’t hurt to add another platform to your plug watch list.



Download the Reservation App and go to Launch Locator for sneakers that are able to be “reserved”. Note: The more you spend at these retailers the better chances you can have at securing a reservation. Your app status 'levels up' depending on the dollar amount spent at the store. Depending on the store, if you have bought two pairs of shoes already, your upgraded reservation status will serve as a head start on the countdown.


Once you find your preferred shoe on Launch Locator in the app, select it and choose the mall locations that you would like to pick the sneaker up from. Essentially, where you want to reserve the shoe.


Next, the reservation app will select the quantity (1) and request the size you are trying to reserve. When completed, the app will confirm your reservation and apply your pick to the Countdown. Note: During this time, you are still able to edit your choice and mall location until this time window has closed.


Here is the important part. While the clock on your countdown winds down, there will be a button for “Earn Head Starts”. Your chance to be able to reserve your sneakers increases exponentially when you have met all head starts. This typically includes: being on the app, elevating to higher status given dollars spent at the store, and checking in. Checking into the store means you physically walk into the retailer, click CHECK IN, and the store beacon recognizes you by location. This essentially locks in the last head start. A head start gives you 'minutes' ahead of the masses who may also trying to reserve a pair.


The Countdown window ends in the evening the day before release. For example, if I want an Air Jordan that releases Saturday morning, my countdown will expire Friday evening. At this point, the Reservation app will tell if I’ve successfully been chosen to pick up my shoe at one of the selected mall locations. Note: If chosen, you will be able to pick up your shoe by a certain time on release day.



Easy enough?  Even though no plug is 100% every time, it’s always good to have multiple avenues when navigating through the e-streets of sneaker releases.  Have you tried the Reservation Apps before?  Let us know what sneakHER strategy works best for you, and be ready because our Release Roundup is about to be a hot one this week.

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