We're back with another SneakHer Assembly discussing a silhouette that can definitely fall into the BOLD category. If you're new to CNK's SneakHer Assembly, it is a series where the editors of the round sneakHER table come together to give our candid thoughts on what we like or dislike about a pair. Basically, we are spilling the tea on how we really feel. What makes the SneakHer Assembly so fun is that we (Cassidy + Ticara) see kicks from very separate lenses. That vantage point allows for diverse opinions within the sneaker space we work in.

Today, we are dropping the deets on the adidas x Olivia Oblanc collaboration. Olivia is the mastermind behind her brand OBLANC. The NY based brand focuses on unisex clothing and accessories. You may remember her FYE collection from F/W 2018. Olivia recently worked on three silhouettes powered by The Three Stripes. Let's talk about it.

Images: ADIDAS

Images: ADIDAS


TICARA: I am fan of Adidas' new "Sleek" silhouette it's something about the simplicity of the design that I actually enjoy. However, the bright red with the volt sole is giving Ronald McDonald and I am not a fan of this at all. Where am I going with these on foot? There's apparel that goes with the collection as well but I can only see this being worn with black or white. Maybe there's someone out there that these are for but they aren't for me due to the too bold colors. If the upper was white or black then we might have been in business.

CASSIDY: I am a fan of bold + bright colorways, but they have to make sense. There are colors that obviously compliment each other in the sneaker color wheel, but I sadly feel like these missed the mark. I am a fan of the Sleek silhouette and even the OBLANC branding on the midsole (love the Volt). I believe this shoe would have really popped with a white upper, or even black. The vibrant Volt and branding speaks for itself without the need for another eye-catching color. Just add some laces that compliment the brightness and BAM.



TICARA: Alright so these are little bit more easier on the eyes in my opinion. From looking at the first shoe (the Sleek) these are a bit more wearable. Now, I can see these being paired with different washes of denim and even being a summer shoe for some people. What I'm learning from viewing this collection is that it is meant to be bold and avant-garde. These shoes are for someone with an out there personality that fits this shoe. This one needs someone with confidence. Me personally, I wouldn't grab them because I'm not a huge fan of the lettering over the sole. I need simplicity.

CASSIDY: While the colorway is better than the Sleek, I can't get past the overbranding creepin' up on the upper from the midsole. The small accent of red on the heel tab is a better color placement versus the Sleek uppper, but the platform is also not for me. Platform soles have me channeling Oompa Loompa vibes. They look great on others, just not me (LOL). I can appreciate the boldness of the shoe, because I know many girls that could slay the look.



TICARA: These are the best out of the three in my opinion. If you wanted this collaboration but didn't like the super bold shoes then these are the most minimalist out of them. The hang tags at the top are really interesting and I like the way they have incorporated the red and volt that we have seen on the other two pairs. We also get the branding too which is the selling point here. These are the most wearable in my opinion and I can see a lot of people gravitate towards this pair out of the bunch. Overall, this collection is really out there and not for the faint heart. Might not be for me but I can see a lot of people pulling these off in a cool and interesting way.

CASSIDY: With this collection, you don't have to go all out for the sneakher style component because the shoes do the talking and are definitely meant to be for the bold and beautiful. This silhouette brings it down a few notches with a simple upper and midsole. I would have liked this pair the most if you took away about two of those tags. Like how the red and volt play together, but it does look slightly crowded. But is it meant to go overboard some? Maybe so.

What’s your verdict? Regardless, if they aren’t our steez, we know our CNK CREW can flex like no other and we want to see how you rock these.

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