Even though International Women’s Day was a few days ago, our hearts are still full from watching women all over the world encourage each other and send messages of empowerment. One of our goals at CNKDaily is to connect with other women in and out of the sneaker community while highlighting stories that inspire out audience. We have been amazed with the dope designs that Aleali May has been serving us or the constant stream of knowledge we can learn from Tiffany Beers. Not only do we champion some of our favorite sneakHER collectors, but we aim to share boss babe experiences within industries that intersect with a common love for kicks.

That brings us to 10 ladies we’re watching this year in the sneaker/streetwear streets. Some of this starting lineup isn’t new to the CNKDaily platform and have been featured before, but we have included a diverse mix that you should definitely keep on your radar.

While you scroll, check out our International Women’s Day playlist curated by DJ VivaLaTina to set the mood.

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You've probably seen some of Raven's work in 2018 through iconic snapshots as Beyoncé and Jay Z's OTRll photographer. For International Women's Day, she also served on an empowering panel of women at a Footlocker event in Times Square. Raven keeps her SneakHER style on point while showing us the world through her lens.


Lola moves with confidence and you may recognize her from our CNKDaily Chick Chat Series. She is a women that continues to push women through empowering messages and her work ethic. She recently partnered with PUMA to release the Nova GRL PWR sneaker.


Remember that Nike fur coat? We were definitely swooning and re-evaluating our bank accounts. The mastermind behind it and more dope apparel was Yoon. One reason Yoon stands out is how forward thinking she is in her designs and collaborations. Yoon is definitely a leading lady in the crossover of streetwear and high fashion.



We highlighted DJ King Marie when we covered Nike's Air Society in the Chi. One of the few ladies holding it down in Chicago on the music scene, and she's bound to turn up any party you're attending. Let's not forget her impeccable style and she recently DJ'd in Charlotte for All Star weekend. We got our eyes on sis, she's definitely going to be killing it this year.


Scottie is not only unapologetically herself, she's the epitome of black girl magic. As she constantly speaks her mind while moving the culture forward, this radio/tv personality is a modern day renaissance woman. You can catch Scottie as a co-host on State of the Culture.


Photo 8.jpg

Natalie was recently featured on our CNKDaily Chick Chat Series, and this mixed media artist possesses amazing creativity. Well known for her Air Jordan paper sneaker creations, Natalie transforms concepts into amazing artwork. We still need some of her neon rap portraits in our homes.


We felt it was necessary to add Vashtie, because well, it's VASHTIE. The streets are waiting in anticipation for another sneakHER collaboration, but she's been making waves as DJ lately while working with amazing brands like Bazaar, Tommy Hilfiger and Dior. Someone get our streetwear queen a collaboration in the mix ASAP. It doesn't get more authentic than her.



Alicia is known for being a positive force within the radio industry just as much as the sneaker community. You may remember her from our CNKDaily Chick Chat Series. As an on-air radio personality, Alicia 'Ace' also uses her passion to empower other women through inspirational messaging. She has a diverse mix of sneakHER style that keeps it cozy + cute AF.


Tanya is all about her community and uplifting others. She started Healthy Hood Chi which offers budget friendly workout classes (for $5 weekly), which sends a message that getting fit is inclusive to everyone no matter your budget. Tanya is a talented dancer and dedicated activist. Tanya creates safe spaces for women while juggling the responsibility of being a full-time mother. If you're in Chicago, make sure you stop by Healthy Hood Chi.



Alissa hails from Queens, NY who has not only been in the sneaker game for a while - she uses her passion of the culture to tell important stories with her platform For the Kick of It. We had the pleasure of highlighting her story on our CNKDaily Chick Chat Series. Working in the sneaker industry, Alissa has a superpower of lifting others as she climbs in the most authentic way.

Who are some of the women you are paying attention to this year? Drop us a message on social media with the ladies that continue to inspire + empower you. It’s important to continue the momentum of encouraging each other, just like we saw for International Women’s Day. Keep shining, shawty.



We’re all about celebrating artists we love and championing their work so, we’re keeping your screensavers laced this month with two special SneakHER wallpapers courtesy of VivaLatina. Click HERE or on the images below to download one or both to your smartphone.