Photos: Kyle Goldberg for CNKDaily

Photos: Kyle Goldberg for CNKDaily

Photos: Kyle Goldberg

CD: Ticara Davis

Every week, we've kept the spirit of Air Society Chi alive by recapping our time in Chicago for the Air Society launch in July, embracing mantras and new mindsets with stylist BeBe Jones, jamming to a summer-ready playlist courtesy of DJ King Marie, and seeing the game change with Hayet Rida. Basically, these last few weeks have been #Chickspiration overdose and we are swimming in the girl power.

So, when it came time to put a pep in our step with Emily DeBouver, we lept for joy. Much like she did above, btw. It's hard to believe this Illinois born and raised dancer/choreographer/overall flygirl is just 20 years old - like, what!?! We chopped it up with Emily about her love of dance (obvi), why being a teacher also means you're a student, and Air Society chic.

P.S. We're still working on recreating her air moves.

Someone call Will.I.Am and Fergie...

I have literally been dancing for as long as I can remember. My spirit was meant to dance and it was obvious by the time I was two that I had a sense of rhythm and was unable to sit still when there was music on. I was huge on watching MTV music videos and trying to teach myself the moves I saw. The Black Eyed Peas were some of my biggest influences, just with their weird style, funky dance moves, and timeless beats. I would choreograph to their music in my room for hours and perform it for my family when I was done.

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She was just apart of the Boom Crack! Dance Company, NBD...

Boom Crack! Dance Company was not only a challenge but a growing experience. I was trained by, next to, or competing against the most elite hip hop dancers in Chicago, the United States, and eventually around the world. The discipline and hours upon hours spent training in all major styles of hip hop made me a diverse, well rounded dancer. There was no being taken easy on, you were pushed to your limits of knowledge and training to master these styles and execute them well in every competition, every show, and every rehearsal.

EDB's Mantra...

My day (for the most part) always starts with meditation, teaching a morning Pilates class, having a private or 5, teaching another Pilates/Dance class at night, then heading down to the city to take a dance class. As long as I’m a teacher, I will always also be a student.

But, let's be clear: she can create some bomb choreography, OK?

Being a choreographer allows me to interpret all sorts of movement in different ways and make it my own. I’m not a copy of anything else, my brain and body don’t work the same way as others and I have so much training from such a wide variety of influencers that my movement is not limited. My choreography and skill level help me portray that and also give me the advantage of not holding back.

Because we never need a reason to talk about the shoes...

[My favorite sneakers to dance/live in]
- Nike Roshes (comfortable, fresh looking, breathable, easy to dance in)
- VaporMax (feels like a sock, feels like I’m walking on a cloud, feel great to dance/run/walk in)
- Nike Air Max (fresh slick style with comfort and bounce).

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Nike's Air Society isn't about perfection...

The fact that I was even considered to be a role model for all of the badass women of Chicago was incredible to me. Being an entrepreneur, it’s hard to stop and pat yourself on the back and really recognize your accomplishments. You’re always on the go and never have time to stop and reflect.

Being a Nike Society Founder is to empower women every step of the way. Teach them to honor their strengths and accept their weaknesses because we aren’t perfect but we are all badass.
 Photos: Kyle Goldberg for CNKDaily

Photos: Kyle Goldberg for CNKDaily

So, comfort zones are so outta there...

A huge breakout moment for me was becoming an independent artist. Resigning from my dance company was a huge step out of my comfort zone but it had to be done to be recognized as a talented individual and not just piece of a puzzle.

Because 'Force Is Female' is more than just a phrase...

This quote symbolizes that women are a force to be reckoned with. We have goals, aspirations, insane work ethic, and logic that put us in a whole new category of entrepreneurs.

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