Photos: Kyle Goldberg for CNKDaily

Photos: Kyle Goldberg for CNKDaily

Images: Kyle Goldberg

Creative Direction: Ticara Davis

If you've been following along on the recap of our time in Chicago with Nike Women, you're probably pretty familiar with what we were doing there. Being great, duh. BUT, we were also on hand to work with Air Society Chi founding member BeBe Jones for an exclusive styling session at Air Society HQ in some of our favorite Nike gear.

While our first look was all about morning mantras and the Air Max Thea, sky high was the mission for us and for BeBe as the Chi-raised and Chi-paid stylist paired her Vapormax with a look perfect for all day wear. As you've probably gathered, Air Society HQ was huge. There was just SO MUCH. So, we opted to follow along as BeBe took a tour of the space, enjoyed some of the fun, and kept it cute in her Nike best.

For guests in attendance, Nike Women offered canvas tote bags with the option to customize with hella fly patch work courtesy of Chicago-based creative brand, Vitchcraft. As you can see, BeBe opted for some major girl power with the "Girls to the Front" Patch, the "Fempire" Patch, and the "Sacred Heart" Patch. You can check out all of these dope patches (and support an amazing woman-owned business) by clicking the link below.

Now, for the good part.

After BeBe got her custom goodies, we headed up to the roof for some majorly gorgeous views of her city and a chat all while she showed off these gorgeous Vapormaxes. Get to a bit more about BeBe, her personal style, and her growing sneaker obession below:

On her love affair with fashion:

I’ve always loved clothes ever since I was a little girl. As my daddy would say, ‘putting on clothes is a form of art and it’s a true talent.’ I really didn’t understand him until I got older and started experimenting with my personal style. I actually learned a lot about myself, which fabrics were more flattering for my body type, and I noticed how fashion was a huge part of my childhood.

Becoming a stylist was innate because growing up in a household where “gettin’ fresh” was an everyday dress rehearsal with my brothers, my daddy, watching my mom sew garments for us, or for the kids in the neighborhood. I guess those things trained me to become a stylist in a sense, and when I started it was a no-brainer, almost second-nature.

On her personal style:

I’m always on the go which is why I choose functionality and comfortability, especially when I’m in work mode. ...My personal style is always evolving as am I. I’m noticing how I’ve become even more driven to classic pieces and statement pieces too. I like to keep it simple with statement garments and accessories on deck! I do not leave home without my frames, a big bag, rocking a hat or turban, my honey bee pins, and a fly pair of sneakers!

5 items in her closet that she SWEARS by:

1. I love my hat collection, especially my brims!
2. My vintage Japanese kimono I found while thrifting in Chicago.
3. A camo coat I remixed into a vest which I love so much and receive many compliments on it.
4. I love a great head wrap! My brother surprised me with a scarf from his trip to Dubai.
5. Any pieces I rock made by Chicago designers! My wardrobe incorporates at least two Black designers daily.

Her current sneaker rotation in 3...2...1...

My current sneaker rotations as of now would be the Nike Air Max Flyknit and Nike Vapormax Flyknit. So comfortable!!!

On the lessons she's learning as a business woman:

I’ve learned to take each day as it comes. Let no one push anything upon you that doesn’t correspond with your brand. Quote your price in the beginning and keep those contracts on deck! Always do great business because people’s words and your works travel. Believe it or not, you’ll be surprised who is paying attention to what you’re doing. ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST. Everything else will fall in place organically.

BeBe on #Chickspiration: 

Chickspiration is like being the Taraji P. Henson of your crew!!! Always supporting other women effortlessly and selflessly. Once we as women recognize the full potential of our powers we’ll definitely cause a shift in the world. I pray I’m here to witness that moment of women empowerment!!!

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Be sure you stay tuned in the coming weeks as we continue to celebrate Nike Women's Air Society initiative with interviews, highlights of female-owned businesses, and more!  

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