Photos: Kyle Goldberg for CNKDaily

Photos: Kyle Goldberg for CNKDaily

Images: Kyle Goldberg

Creative Direction: Ticara Davis

Nike Women's Air Society campaign is in full swing and, lucky for us (and you too) we're along for the ride. As women in Chicago, Los Angeles, and NYC are immersed in programs designed to empower and strengthen for the next 8 weeks, we're bringing you exclusive Chick Chats with some of the amazing ladies we met at the Chi-Town Air Society launch event.

That's why it's an honor to introduce Christine Marie aka DJ King Marie. Her energy in Chicago was contagious and her style pretty much had both myself and our Style Editor Ticara like, "WHO IS THAT?" We had the chance to sit down with this Chicago-raised hitta to talk style, Kendrick v. Kanye (we had to ask), what's on her current playlist, and her thoughts on all of the Air Society #Chickspiration.

 It's good to be a King: Jumpsuit -  Hero/Black ; Bra -  Nike Women ; Necklaces - Christine's own and  Vo Jewelry ; Shoes -  Nike Vapormax  "Chrome Blush"

It's good to be a King: Jumpsuit - Hero/Black; Bra - Nike Women; Necklaces - Christine's own and Vo Jewelry; Shoes - Nike Vapormax "Chrome Blush"

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Her life story in Cliff Notes:

I grew up in a musical family. My mother was a singer and both of my big brothers are DJs. My mom had a restaurant and lounge growing up. She would cook during the day then her and her band would perform at night. My brothers would play DJ sets during the band’s breaks. I would sleep in the office since my entire family was working at the lounge. She would wake me up and pull me on stage to sing some songs as well.

Also, if my brother’s had to babysit me they would take me along to their gigs/house parties. I’ve been around this lifestyle my entire life and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Betting on yourself pays off: 

I was a singer first and moved to NYC from Chicago in hopes of following my dreams, getting signed, etc. At one point I lost my creative inspiration and picked up DJ’ing to fill the void from not making music. It became my musical creative outlet and I ran with it. I decided to bet on myself and become a full-time DJ in 2015 when I moved from NYC to LA.

Describe yourself in three words:

"Fly. Filipina. Selecta."


She puts the "K" in "King":

Believing in myself and knowing I’m the shit makes me feel regal. Choosing King instead of Queen also felt more fitting and specific to my masculine/feminine persona.

...And pays it forward.

I’ve learned many lessons especially in a male dominated industry. But remembering that prayer and self care is essential and keeping good people around me have been the reasons I’m able to do what I do everyday.

[My advice to to young girls who want to work in this industry?] Find a mentor, ask a lot of questions, learn from people you admire in the industry, never settle and work your butt off.

And now, DJ King Marie's current playlist. You're welcome:

A day in the life of King Marie = WERK

Everyday is different. But on a full day of work, it starts with hitting the gym in the morning, working at RSVP during the day, having a business meeting or organizing music on my lunch, dinner with friends or another business meeting, then DJing a party at night. Whenever I have some free time, I try to spend it with my nieces and nephews, or on a solo date thrifting or at the museum.

With all that running around, comfort is King - pun intended: 

I just always have to feel comfortable. Whether it’s a XXL tee with sneakers or a bodycon dress and heels or a mix between the two, I need to feel like it’s a correct expression of myself and my mood for that personal style [is all about the] Tomboy that grew into her sexy.

Her current sneaker rotation in 3...2...1...

I’m a Nike and Jordan baby. This summer I’ve been rotating Nike Rifts, Air Max 95&97, Jordan 1s, 3s, and 11s. I do love a clean pair of Hi top Vans too.

Kendrick vs. Kanye: 

I love me some Kendrick but I’m from Chicago. Ye all day.

Her definition of #Chickspiration: 

#Chickspiration means being a dope woman, inspiring to inspire.

How Nike Air Society speaks to her as a woman AND a sneaker lover:

I feel so honored to be surrounded by like-minded, driven women that have a passion for what they do. So as a woman, it makes me humbled to be even put in the same category as the rest of my fellow members. Secondly as a sneaker lover, it makes me feel special to be able to get them before they even drop to the public.

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