Photos: Kyle Goldberg for CNKDaily

Photos: Kyle Goldberg for CNKDaily

Photos: Kyle Goldberg

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Let's get one thing out the way. Your average woman is not a size 2 or 4. In fact, your plus size woman makes up about 67% of women. So, it was such an amazing change of pace to attend the Nike Air Society Chicago launch and see that demographic represented in full, and in ultra fabulous, glory.

During our time in Chicago, we had the opportunity to touch base with Hayet Rida - a brand builder and lifestyle blogger who has made a career out of being outspoken and comfortable in her skin. Now, Hayet is soaring to new heights with the help of Air Society Chi and reaching women who have long been an underserved demographic.

Peep our Q&A with Hayet below as she talks confidence, being herself, and how she and Swoosh are changing the game this August.

Because fear is so boring...

When I was younger, I was the crazy child who needed a filter between what she thought and what she said. I always fought to suppress that side of me because it could be seen as disrespectful to have a 6 year old with a 30 year olds opinion. When I got into my twenties I embraced that fully, and that has been the foundation of my brand. I am not afraid to have an opinion and it allows me to speak from my truth everyday.

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Confidence is KING.

I dress based on my mood, never a trend. Currently, I have on an oversized dress, flats and no makeup...because that is the mood I am in. There are days when I am dressy and days when I am super casual. The truth is that I am so confident in my beauty that I don’t need my fashion to speak on behalf of me.


"Unapologetic. Energetic. BOSS."


On the importance of Nike's Air Society collective and the beauty in diversity:

From size diversity, ethnic diversity and all the different talents we is amazing. There were moments when we all sat at the table and questioned why we were all chosen to be part of the group.

But the beauty of us is that we reminded each other that we are badasses in our own unique way, but collectively we make women out there believe that they can do anything and everything. This is one of the memories I will hold dear forever!!

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...And changing the game with a summer series dedicated to Plus Size Swoosh style.

When I first started talking to Nike, I made it very clear that I wanted to have events that invited curvier women into the Nike family. Before I was part of the Air Society, I shied away from anything that had a physical element because I didn’t recognize people that looked like me and that often intimidated me.

This event is meant to bring Nike’s amazing plus sized collection to women out there, and show them that Nike caters to them too! From there, my goal will be to have fitness style events that are curated for curvier women. A lot of folks think we can just jump right into full fitness events, but it takes a bit of work and I am here fully invested to get us all there. I have devoted my entire being to pushing culture in the right way and I am so so grateful to be partnering with Nike who never once questioned my vision.

If you're in Chicago and you're looking to attend Hayet's exclusive fashion show featuring Nike's latest plus size fashion looks, click below to RSVP. Fashion show will begin at 6:30PM.

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