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When you ask GREY how she describes her personal style, she says: “I dress about how I write music which if you know me, which you do, means it just comes down to that day’s attitude.” And judging by her collection (just take a look), we’d boil it down to three key words: rare AF.

When we stepped foot in the singer's DTLA apartment, we were met with a plethora of clothes and collectibles; the kind you buy and keep because they either go with everything or nothing - very little in between - high end sneakers, and lots and lots of black because, duh. The thing is, this kind of wardrobe actually fits perfectly for the up-and-coming singer who describes her new project as 'real soul shit.' Then, all black everything mixed with a bit of retro and rare footwear makes sense. Total complete sense.

A native Texan (she still calls the Lone Star state home), GREY went from student to musical muse before jetting to L.A. to add a change of scenery to her singer/songwriter chops. With pipes that surprise the hell out of anyone who has seen her tiny frame, one would think GREY to be the perfect package of a singer poised for stardom. But here’s the catch— in the most refreshing way. When we sat down to chat, she filled us in on living the life in el-ay (let’s just say it includes saving up for studio time instead of Raf Simons and lots of sarcasm), the things that help keep her on track, and why being a bitch is something she lives by. And, of course, her favorite pair of sneaks.

GREY in grey Acne Jeans x adidas x Raf Simons S/S 2014 Rising Star 1 Sneakers

What was your upbringing like and how did it shape who you are?

Good family, lots of love. Think it helped me be more cognizant of others.

You’re based in LA, but you grew up in the South.  How has the move contributed to your growth?

I’ve learned how to navigate and deal with personalities better. I like decompressing at the beach. In terms of career directly, my people live in Texas so, I’m not affected that much. There are a lot more venues here which is pretty cool.

Walk us through your creative process from idea to completion.

Voice note to shitty guitar chord, which I send to Trevor [my producer] who produces while I write the rest of the song. I don’t like writing to completed tracks. I hear how I want the song to be in my head. I hear all the instruments.

You have a project in the works - describe the feel of it in 3 words.

Real soul shit. Is that cheesy? [I could say] real ass shit but, that is pure Velveeta.

Since we had the opportunity to dive into your wardrobe, we saw an eclectic mix of designer items, classic pieces, and vintage.  How would you describe your personal style?

Hmm I don’t know. I dress about how I write music which if you know me, which you do, means it just comes down to that day’s attitude. I can say that I don’t invest in fast fashion often as I don’t really like where it comes from. I like to spend money on shoes because cheap shoes feel like cheap shoes. I like dark colors. I like obscure Japanese brands. Ripped jeans and a Number Nine shirt.

What, for you, is the most difficult thing about being an artist? 

Being an artist is easy. Me talking about navigating through the bullshit it takes to get successful, that could fill a book. Plus, I’m not there yet. I just make an effort to keep my integrity.

We're big believers in passion meeting purpose. What part of your work are you most passionate about? 

Personally, I am passionately insane and have to get it out or else it gets stuck in there and things aren’t good. In general, I am passionate about the power of being a woman and want to lead by example, which helps me keep on track and not take short cuts. I make decisions with purpose because I am not only thinking of myself.

🐦 Highlight to Tweet: "I make decisions with purpose because I am not only thinking of myself." 


And now, the sneakers. Do you have a favorite pair or a favorite brand?

If we are talking old seasons, my most comfortable shoes are my Rick Owens Dunks. I found the Rafs [adidas x Raf Simons S/S 2014 Rising Star 1] by themselves all alone in a tiny size. It was true love. I also really love adidas Superstars because of the orthopedic insert. But, my favorite pair? I can’t say. I don’t own them yet.

"This helmet was my dad's. It's signed by the whole team - the one with Terrell Owens. I don't even have a case for it. I should probably get one."

Around these parts, we’re all about girl power and showcasing women as the powerful and phenomenal creatures we are.  What is your definition of #Chickspiration?

What’s inspiring to me is any woman who carries herself in a way that she’s proud of. Whatever that means to her. Just practice what you preach. Don’t do something that some asshole old man told you to do, don’t wear what other people tell you to if you don’t like it, don’t say anything you have to rehearse.

Music wise, Lady Gaga. Her new campaign is dope. I like that. I like that she’s using her platform to get people talking. That’s a good thing. A lot of people forget where they came from.

How does your art imitate life?

Deep question. I write my music and I write according to whatever happened to me so I guess I’m always imitating life.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Be a bitch.


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