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For me, a fashion icon is someone who has everything going on. From the hair, makeup, jewels, fit and footwear, if I can take a glance and admire their personal style on a consistent basis, that's a winner. So, when I watch Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, the first woman I always notice is RaSheeda Frost. Her swag is unique, she's absoluetly gorgeous, and there is something so relatable about her as a person and in her personal style. While I am nowhere near her size, I can always pick up from her a color palette, an accessory or a trend that I could see on myself. Here's the thing: most of us girls want someone we can relate to and while most celebrities have a knack for expensive pieces and avant-garde looks, that's not something I (or many of the girls I know) want to follow on a consistent basis. Basically, yea that's cute but it's also the price of my rent - feel me?

For me, RaSheeda doesn't make it too hard for the rest of us to look cute too. That's endearing and it's part of being an icon to the type of women who have days that consist of going to work, school, picking up the kids, or having brunch with the girls. We still want to look FLY! And, whether it is to the gym, grocery shopping, traveling or because it's your go-to style, every woman has an appreciation for sneakers. Do we label them “sneakerheads?” No. But, labels aren't our steez anyway nor are they required to have an affinity for the culture.

If you're familiar with my platform, you know I am sneaker obsessive, but I also can appreciate the flex of a designer kick. There is a small amount of women who only gravitate towards designer sneakers. In my opinion, this is a specific niche within sneaker collecting that I find fascinating. Designer sneakers are known for being crafted using high quality materials and one of a kind detail. For us, the girls who can rock a pair of Jordan's as easily as they rock their Sergio's earn a special slow clap. So, it only seemed natural to tap RaSheeda for an inside look at her collection. Take a look below as we head to ATL to talk about what influenced her sneaker game, her personal style, and what she has to say to ladies in the sneaker community. Let's get it!

 "I think sex appeal can radiate through anything you feel comfortable in.

"I think sex appeal can radiate through anything you feel comfortable in.

Tell us about your sneaker game growing up.

I loved and still do Adidas Stan Smiths and Superstar (Shell Toes), Converse Chucks, and Classic Pumas. I always needed to have a variety of colors; shades of pinks, yellow, and red. Growing up my style was considered WEIRD. I wasn’t matchy-matchy. I liked mens shirts and motorcycle jackets when they were not popular. I always used accessories to bring outfits together.

I used to be in ROTC in High School and wore my ROTC shoes with regular clothes because I liked the look. I was nicknamed Lena, Jada Pinkett’s character from “A Different World” who had a unique and out of the norm style for that time.

What are some of the things that influence or have influenced your style?

Being in music, I recognize Hip Hop and kicks go hand in hand. I learned to express and promote individuality within my style. I only used a stylist a very few number of times. Maybe if I had a concept shoot or an album cover. But on a day to day, when I am on TV, or on the red carpet, NO.

I don’t believe I put too much effort into my style. I just do my thing and enjoy it. Modern fashion is about risk taking, dressing outside of the norm. I just have always enjoyed expressing myself through fashion.

Obviously, you're a business woman with your own boutique - how have sneakers and your business intersected for you?

Pressed ATL Boutique is located in Phipps Plaza, in the Buckhead community. We carry clothing, accessories and footwear for women. I carry sneakers for my younger shoppers. My customers are all ages, from grandmothers to teenagers. I stock something fly for everybody. I like to have in-store feminine kicks that are on trend. I am usually looking for kicks with great material; suede, velvet, lace and embellished. I focus on curating dope pieces in my store for great prices. I want to make sure you can look good for affordable prices.

Because I own a store I receive a lot of information well in advance. I receive, maybe product books or other literature. I find out about designer kicks at the mall and my son keeps me current with all the Jordan, Adidas, Yeezy, and Rihanna Puma releases.

Speaking of your son, we've seen references to his collection on the show.  What's it like being the mother of a sneakerhead?

Expensive! So many sneakers come out a week from every brand and he loves them all. But we have casual mom and son talk about kicks. It is normal for us to just talk and sneakers come up. We talk about the newest colorway coming out and if I like the sneaker I may want to carry some pieces in my store, Pressed, that may compliment the sneaker for women.

What about your favorites? We've seen a glimpse of your closet, but what are some of the things you look for before you buy?

I am a size 6 in women. Designer sneakers are easier to find in those small sizes. Size 6 is usually the display size. The bigger sizes sell out fast. I am lucky to have my size to be able to buy the sneakers I want. I like low top sneakers, preferably runners, and I look for colors, materials and design. I then move on to looking for comfort.

I recently bought the Adidas Superstar High on a trip to New York because I wanted something different from my usual lows. I am also really into Balenciaga runners right now. I am loving those! I have some Chanel sneakers I copped but the tongue slides from side to side and it makes them difficult to wear. And I love Gucci Sneakers!

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You own the boutique and you're constantly upping your personal style game, what are your must-have fashion pieces?

Dusters, trenches and cardigans. I love to cover up and feel comfortable. And when you are comfortable you are confident. I don’t believe I have to show my body all the time to be sexy. I think sex appeal can radiate through anything you feel comfortable in.

Lastly, what, if any, message would you like to send to our female readers? 

As women, be individuals, be comfortable, carry a high self-esteem, radiate powerful energy, speak great things about yourself into existence, accomplish goals and support each other. If you find yourself around people who are negative, remove yourself from their circle. Don’t let people drag you down in society and pull your greatness from you.

The hard part is getting up and doing it to make your vision happen. And when you fall, get back up and the perspective and view will be just right for you to make it happen.





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