Image: Kyle Goldberg for CNKDaily

Image: Kyle Goldberg for CNKDaily

We totally weren't going to do this. Originally, I had it in my mind that many of you were probably tired of the typical "Best of insert year" posts. Then, I remembered something pretty darn important: our year was lit AF. And, one thing I'm really trying to carry over into this new year is being conscious of celebrating wins. Large, small and everything in betweeen, it's important to send a shoutout to your victories so, that's what's we're about to do. You here for it?

Throughout 2017, we were blessed a with a number of opportunities. I had to whittle down the list, but we got down to 10 that were definite high points in the year. Whether you're a regular reader or new to our CNK fold, I'm sure all of these moments will help you get familiar (or reaquainted) with how we roll around here. Ready to go? Leggo.

As a larger size demographic grows, so should big brand apparel options. And, while we're not completely sure why it's taken so long to embrace this portion of the population, one of our favorite brands is continuing to think outside of the box and embrace a mentality rich in equality.

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Proper HTX teamed up with the Trap Yoga & Tacos event in Houston to bring some swag to their namaste. We were in attendance in a fresh pair of NMDs.

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8. Event Recap: Reebok Classic Dallas Influencer Dinner

Get a taste of our evening of fellowship with Reebok Classics as we send up a toast in the name of SneakHERs. 

Dallas-based artist and 3rd Grader Giana is pretty much our favorite. And, yes, she'll also probably design our shoes one day.

Our day at The Star was PACKED with opportunities that, honestly, would be the perfect fun day for any of you die-hard Cowboy fan. Jerry approved, basically.

This ATL Peach opened up her sneaker closet (and her business advice) for the CNK Gang. We were drooling and taking notes.

What do you get when Nike Chicago takes over a high rise on the West Side? A WOMAN'S DREAM. Go inside the home of #AirSocietyChi for a tour of the digs that housed great fun, fellowship, and tons of SneakHER style.

3. Chick Chat: Get Into Gameday With ESPN's Maria Taylor

In our exclusive Chick Chat, Maria dishes on the importance of working hard, being confident, finding your faith, and making a difference as co-founder of Winning Edge Leadership Academy, a mentoring program designed to help young men and women make the connections they need to be successful. Oh, and her favorite sneakers. Duh.

IF YOU HAD TO PICK ONE SHOE, WHAT WOULD IT BE AND WHY? That concept alone was the inspiration behind this one of our favorite CNK features.

We all know the saying: you can't choose your family, but you can choose your friends. "Friendsgiving" is a tradition dedicated to celebrating those we choose to spend a majority of our time with. This year, with a TON of help from our friends at Bud Light, we invited a few ladies out to experience a bit of friendship. It was epic.

It was so hard to choose these 10!  We're so grateful for EVERY experience we've had and we know this next year will be nothing short of amazing.  Do you have any CNK favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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