Image: CNK Daily

Image: CNK Daily

How many of you are a cool 8W or smaller and can fit in GS sizes? US TOO. It's a blessing, right? Not only can we head straight to the boys and girls section on our favorite websites and cop some major heat for the low, but usually we can wait until certain releases go on sale because, LITTLE FEET.

Awhile back, we were perusing a few of our favorite e-kid sections we noticed something pretty awesome: a lot of deadstock sneaks you can't find in adult sizing without paying premium. Jackpot, anyone? Since you all seemed to enjoy our first GS Sneaker Sale post, we thought we'd hop to it again during the busiest shopping week of the year. That right! We decided to get ahead of the Black Friday rush and tap the sale section (we do the work for you, y'all) to pick out some of our favorite GS sale options for your pre-holiday browsing. Ready?

Let's get it!

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