Images: KITH

KITH has partnered with the iconic fashion house Versace and the two mesh well together. When you think of Versace you’re thinking bold and extravagant prints and this collaboration brings forth the Italian aesthetic that we’ve become accustomed too. The collection is comprised of over 100 styles, spanning men’s and women’s apparel, footwear, and accessories. This collaboration also marks the very first time the house’s Medusa logo has ever been redesigned, now bearing the Kith logo across the eyes.

When we think of collaboration we never know how much of the creative process the teams spent together bringing forth their collection to life. This was a true collaboration with Kith handling the apparel and Versace handling the luxe fabrics. The products are produced in Italy and feature a wide-range of custom-milled fabrics, including silk, satin, velour, nylon, fleece, and more. Each piece of hardware was made custom as well to feature co-branding.

Women’s product speaks a similar language, featuring a convertible velour long puffer coat, silk robes, and leather pants, but also biker shorts, mesh tees, and a range of bras and swimsuits.

Taking a quick look at the women’s products we see a convertible velour long puffer coat, silk robes, leather pants, biker shorts, mesh tees, swimsuits, bodysuits and more. The collection rounds out with footwear for both men and women. There will be a stiletto leather boot and mule with gold Kith and Versace hardware.

Kith x Versace releases Friday, February 15th, at all Kith shops and at 11AM EST on The collection will also release at select international Versace flagship stores.