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One thing we love about what we do: seeing SneakHER Culture grow. Where women have traditionally been forced to rock menswear pieces (and they've SLAYED, OK!?!) with their GS sneaks, the landscape is finally changing and brands are starting to realize just how much they need to cater to the female consumer. The future (and the FORCE) is female, right?

One brand that is eager to cater to it's female audience is Kith (we already called this last year). While founder Ronnie Fieg has a history of offering women's wear and smalled sneaker options, in the past year the brand has taken it to the next level. We're definitely here for it.

So, when The Coveteur took a tour of Kith's new SoHo flagship they made a special pit stop on the third floor: a space dedicated to specifically to the Kith woman. And while they were collecting photographs of the high-end Helmut Lang, signature Kith Collections, and cases filled with sterling silver jewelry, they also tapped into the heart of Kith Women: a strong team. “Finding the right people is something we pride ourselves on,” says Fieg. “No matter how different each of our employees are, they all fit the mentality of being an ambassador for our brand.” Scroll down to go inside the store and meet the ladies.

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