Images: CNKDaily

Images: CNKDaily

We all have a story.

If you have a number of sneaks in your closet, it can be hard to pick just one. For many who have been drawn to sneaker culture and the shoes that occupy quite a bit of space in our lives, there's usually more behind our favorite pickup than just a fly colorway. If you dig deeper, you can discover that certain sneakers have stories, life experiences, and a history that often is more about a connection to the owner than the actual shoe.

If you had to pick one shoe, what would it be and why?

That concept alone was the inspiration behind this new series. If you had to pick one shoe, what would it be and why? That's a question that can breed so many answers, but only one will really rise to the surface. We're all about experiences here in CNKDaily Land and, for us, the stories behind the shoes are a testiment to the power of sneakers, proof that the impact can go from sole to soul and, without fail, they remind us that no matter our differences, we all have a story to tell.

In order to kick off our first Sneaker Story, we made the trip down 45 to chop it up with a rising star. Shanté Williams aka DJ Shanté, known to her following as a presence on one of Houston's largest radio stations and as a major player on H-Town's music scene, is an avid sneaker lover - but, it's her one-of-one personality that makes her Sneaker Story even more intriguing.

Name: DJ Shante

Location: Houston, Texas

Shoe: 2015 Nike iD Air Force 1 "Iridescent"


What's your Sneaker Story?

I have so many favorites, but this one is personal, literally, because I designed it online. I had been looking for this iridescent material for the longest and Nike finally decided to let me create them online. I can’t wear them a lot because they crease up so much. Can’t have them looking crazy - and they’re custom so I’ve got to keep them as long as I can. I like to think of myself as an original and, to be honest, this lends truth to that. These are one of one.
Air Forces, for me, are just so classic and well put together. I wanted something that would catch the eye and these definitely don’t disappoint.

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What's your Sneaker Story? Hit us up and you may be featured!

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