Images: Nike

If you didn’t know we’re on a five week journey with Nike Air Society and we’ve done everything from brunching to getting styled but last week we were challenged with Nike’s motto, “Just Do It” and got our butts kicked into high gear with Nike Master Trainers Betina Gozo and Emily Hutchins. We then went for a meditation session at Chill afterwards.

The Nike Air Society crew gathered on the Loews Hotel Rooftop for training session that would get our blood flowing and muscles in motion. This was a challenge but it was so fun to do it with the help of the trainers. We decided it would be cool to do a Chick Chat with one of the master trainers Betina Gozo and find out how meditation and mindfulness has helped her become her best self.

Betina Gozo has an interesting background she has a background in danc and on-camera instruction to training in guitar, bass and piano but through the years Betina realized that nothing fulfilled her spirit more than helping others so she became a Certified Personal Trainer.

She has been featured on and the Nike Training Club App and works with the brand as a Nike Master Trainer. She has helped with content development and advising on photoshoots to creative workouts and more. Betina has lead classes and live eents in Chicago throughout the US. Betina’s passion lies in inspiring people to get out of their comfort zone and continually surprise and encourage them along the way.

We had the opportunity to chat with Bentina on how mindfulness and medidation has helped her throughout her career from training to her everyday life. Hear her story on our Instagram story and if you happen to miss it be sure to check out our Nike Air Society highlights button to revisit it!

We then headed over to C H I L L for a 30-minute medidation session and it was one of the most challenging things I've done in a long time. I found it hard to clear mind and not think about anything else at that very moment. It seemed as if my mind constantly wondered about from things I did througout the day to what I would be doing after I left the session. Somewhow being in a dim room and trying to be free actually felt good after an intense workout and long day.

I would love to give it another shot and if you're interested in visitng C H I L L, you can book your session on their website and pop in throughout the week.

This week we're heading into another exciting activation with Nike Air Society and it includes Yoga! We hope that you continue to join us as our 5 week journey with Nike Air Society is coming close to an end.