Images: Nike

If you guys have been following my journey, I had the opportunity to participate in a five week journey with Nike Chicago as part of the Nike Air Society. During the five weeks we’ve done everything from a styling session with Trunk Club to hard hitting workouts with Nike Master Trainers. Our final stop on our journey was an evening of Yoga and some amazing skincare at Scratch Goods here in Chicago. I thought why not share this experience with your guys in you’re just getting into Yoga and skincare? It’s time for another “CNK Guides” that we have designed to educate, empower and help compliment your already dope SneakHER Style.


Last Tuesday evening the Nike Air Society gang arrived at Morgan’s on Fulton for a nice relaxing yoga session. If you’re new to yoga like myself this was a good opportunity to learn the basics. If you didn't know there are more 20+ workouts on the Nike Training Club (NTC) app that focus on yoga. During our 40 minute session we learned several poses as focused on the following poses; mountain pose, downward dog, warrior, bridge pose, the cobra, child's pose, high plank and a few others.

The Yoga Ready workout on NTC is for beginners and it requires no equipment and is less than 20 minutes to get your head in the game. Some of us were able to do head stands for the first time! After our session was over we took our talents to Scratch Goods to get that glow.


When we arrived at Scratch Goods to close our evening we all knew we were in for a treat and you could see the excitement amongst the group! Girls love Beyoncé and facials! Scratch Goods has become a popular Chicago staple and girls and guys across the city head to the West Loop for this one of a kind experience. The brand was brought to life by Maureen and Elizabeth who created the products from scratch, literally. The requirements for product development remain the same today; food-grade ingredients that are safe enough to eat, fragrance from pure The first store location opened in 2015 while their mask bar opened in 2016. If you visit Scatch Goods they offer a variety of wellness classes, a 6-seat mask bar, and of course products to purchase.

The facial that we received at Scratch Goods is easy enough to recreate in the coziness of your home. To prep our skin for the facial we were given a wet towel to remove any makeup that had been applied to the skin that had a hint of tea tree oil. To begin my facial I used the Matcha Mask powder as my base. The Matcha Mask is meant to tighten and tone the skin and that's what I knew I needed for the evening. I then mixed the powder with a custom juice mixture and applied with mask brush. We then allowed the mask to dry for about 15 minutes before removing with a warm towel. We then hydrated the skin with the Jasmine Rose Skin Drink. Finally, I decided to go with a Light Face Oil that fights aging, reduces redness and nourishes the skin. My favorite part was applying the warm jade roller to my skin, I enjoyed it so much that I purchased one of my own!

As the night came to an end we were all thankful for Nike Chicago bringing us all together to experience these very special five weeks together. For me personally, I am glad that I got a chance to step out of my comfort zone and also meet a group of women in my city that are doing amazing things.

Everyone that I met in our Nike Air Society crew is special in their own way and it's not the last you'll see of us! Stay tuned because there will be some more for fun popping up in the city of Chicago this summer with the Nike Air Society Gang!