Images: Nike

Last Fall Nike celebrated 30 years of their “Just Do It” marketing campaign and now it’s entering its new phase with the “Dream Crazier” spot. In this particular campaign, Nike used the voice and narration of a champion and game-changer, Serena Williams. It begins with her celebrating women in sport and all the “crazy” things that us women have asked for and have also achieved. It highlights moments by some of the greatest athletes in the world such as Simone Biles, Chloe Kim, Simone Manuel, Ibtihaj Mohammad, Lisa Leslie, Becky Hammon, Serena Williams and more. The goal is to inspire generations of athletes to chase after their dreams even if it sounds crazy, remember to “Just Do It”.

That’s why we’ve created series like Chick Chat here on CNK to help elevate the voices of women in our community, to inspire our readers and ourselves. We have crazy dream we’re all trying to achieve whether it is personal or as a community. Tell us, “what’s your crazy dream?”

Check out the full spot below.