Images: Nike

“I have never been interested in fashion. I've always been interested in how people interact with clothes,” says London-based menswear designer Martine Rose.

In Roses first collaboration with Nike, she's taken the tracksuit, football jersey and the Nike Air Monarch and has re-created them in a way that only she could. The clothing has English subcultural reference points, but the scale is based on basketball players. Think of re-imagining a basketball players clothing on the average size person...that's the style of the football jersey and tracksuit.

“Collaborations are about communication. We wanted some of the forms to spill over the base and we wanted the heel on the outfit to be further out than the sole…things we were initially told couldn't be done,” she says. “But everyone kept on pushing and we ended up developing these new shapes and ideas.”

For the development of the classic American shoe, the Nike Air Monarch Rose's and Nike beginning with fitting a size 18 upper to size 9 tooling. Which sounds very interesting to our ears. Rose’s Air Monarch was built as a series of molds that were topped with stretched synthetic leather. Only one shoe has a similar construction, itself an American standard: the Nike Foamposite.

’m very interested with how people interact with clothes. It says so much about who they are, who they want to be. It’s an emotional thing" said Rose. If this collaboration has peeked your interest, the Nike x Martine Rose collection releases in January.