Images: Nike

Sitting six stories high on Fifth Avenue and 52nd street is the “House of Innovation 000”, Nike’s new flagship store in NYC. Each floor of the store brings a different experience to life for the consumer. The Nike Direct President Heidi O’Neill calls it, an “only-here” Nike experience.

Over the years we have seen the decline of physical retail stores with the rise of online retailers like Amazon. Nike might have found the perfect middle ground where digital and physical work together in harmony. Nike NYC introduces the Speed Shop floor that uses local data to stock its shelves, and re-stock them based on what the community wants. There’s also the Sneaker Bar where NikePlus members can reserve items via phone and can retrieve them in an in-store locker, which is ready to pick up whenever you’re ready.

This year we’ve seen Nike launch several DIY workshops such as the AF-100 Makers Studio but this time they’ve brought the customization process to retail, permanently. The store features two makers studios; The Arena and the Nike Expert Studio. The tiles in the Arena can rearranged to host new spaces and configurations as the selection evolve. The House of Innovation 000 is basically a customizable store.

Nike NYC brings new features to the store such as Shop The Look, where you can scan a code on an in-store mannequin and browse every single item said mannequin is wearing, check to see if specific sizes are available in-store and request for a store athlete to send them to the fitting room. How lit is that? Plus, there’s Instant Checkout, skip the line. Just scan and pay and you’re done.

If you’re just as intrigued as we are about the new Nike NYC, House of Innovation 000 is open seven days a week, from 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM EST.