Here in Dallas, our yo-yo weather (one day it's 85 and sunny, the next it's 32 and raining ice - seriously.) makes it a bit difficult to plan a weekly wardrobe. So, it's kind of essential for us to have cold and warm weather fits ready on any given day. That's why I love staples like hoodies and crewnecks because they're easy to layer, are typically pretty affordable, can work with multiple outfits (hello, versatility) and, are pretty cozy. You know we love keeping it comfy, right?

When we spotted this red Nike Sportswear Rally hoodie and crewneck duo over on the NakedCPH IG, we instantly added it to our Wish List. And, ringing in at $44 USD each, it wouldn' be a bad choice to grab one of each. Get a closer look at peep additional color options below.

If you're interested in grabbing these cozy goods, we've included direct shop links below. Note: NakedCPH is overseas so, be sure to add at least $30 shipping costs to your order total.

Looking to shop a little closer to home? We've plucked some similar items (including some options for your lower half) which are available here in the US.

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