Images: Nike

We're just like you and your friends, sending each other funny memes but mostly talking about sneaker releases and sometimes it gets a little bit crazy in our group chat. Today we all got a closer look at the Jordan 1 Rebel in both the "Top 3" and "Chicago" colorway. While we were already showing some love to the upcoming WMNS "Satin Shattered Backboard", the Jordan 1 Rebel sent our chat into a frenzy full of inital feelings and thoughts toward the shoe. We thought, why not share this with our CNK Crew? Well, if you want to know what Cassidy and I initially thought of these sneaks, continue reading below.

TICARA: When the Reimagined 1 pack came out I was a fan of this shoe because it was different. I'm also a fan of the Jordan 1 period so I thought this was a cute take on the shoe that ladies would like. I almost bought them but I ended up getting a different pair. I think the top 3 colorway is pretty cool here, I'm not mad at these but I am absolutely not feeling that "Nike Air" branding on first look.

CASSIDY: Honestly, the Reimagined Collection had to grow on me. I appreciated that an ALL female design team came together in such a strict time frame to revamp a classic silhouette with our wants and needs in mind. The Reimagined Air Jordan 1 Rebel was different and the twisted lacing system intrigued me. However, I am a BIG fan of the Top 3 Air Jordan 1 from day one. The mismatch color scheme adds character to a classic. I wouldn't automatically give this pair a "CAN" versus a "COP" because I think it would actually look good on foot. I mean, look at SZA?! LOL.

TICARA: With me being a fellow Chicagoan, I feel personally attacked. The Chicago colorway has no business being on this shoe. I'm always here for brands trying new things but some things shouldn't be touched and this colorway is one of them. As I look at the shoe, I feel that the "Nike Air" branding was placed there to fill the space. They could of easily added a swoosh there. I think the top 3 looks better on this silhoutte than the Chicago colorway.

CASSIDY: It seems to be a majority consensus that this colorway will not work. I do agree that the Nike Air branding is too much, because the style coupled with lacing system is a little "busy". While I still feel you don't mess with a triple OG colorway, I want to see how ladies will rock this. I know there will be a few ladies who don't follow the masses create their own sneakHERstyle with these. Will it work though? Is it inevitable that classics will be revamped with their original colorways? Part of me feels like taking the Chicago color scheme was like trying to remake the show Martin in 2018. Feel me or nah?

Now that our editors have weighed in on the upcoming release from Jordan Brand, we want to know your thoughts and if you will COP or CAN when they hit the shelves on May 19th. Check out more details on NIKE.COM.