If you follow me on Instagram you know that a few weeks ago I opted for a staycation in Downtown Dallas when my friend Chasity came into town from Washington, D.C. I wanted her to have an amazing time and be relatively close to the action so, since I live 20 minutes outside of the city, I thought grabbing an Airbnb 5 mins from a ton of Dallas fun would be a move worth making.

After Chasity landed that Thursday, we hit the ground running with lituations at both Trappiest Hour, a local happy hour hosted by our friends at Good Culture with, you guessed it, a trap muzik feel; and Beauty Bar, a spot that offers strong drinks and a usually packed house. Friday, after I finished my work day and Chasity wrapped up some much needed coffee house strategy sessions, we hit the town for drinks at Happiest Hour. You'll remember this venue from a previous Sneaker Diary. I absolutely love the ambiance and their view of the city from the rooftop. Then, we made our way downtown for some sushi and half-priced happy hour at Zenna. If you ever come to Dallas (or if you live here!) you've got to try out their happy hour. I got full on wings and spring rolls for less than $10.00.

Now, to the good stuff.

Because our Airbnb was absolutely gorgeous and cozy I wanted to snap a few quick shots as we got ready for the day. I was gifted these iridescent Reebok Classic x FACE Stockholm sneakers (I love them, btw) and they fit right in with the light feel of the apartment. I also really wanted to wear them with my blue midi dress for our brunch excursion, BUT I opted for nude Steve Madden heels instead. Let's just say I definitely kept these Reeboks in the car and changed into them immediately. LOL!

On Saturday, we made plans to get a major dose of #Chickspiration in with an afternoon spent with the ladies of Baddie Brunch. The series features a host of happy hour mixers, community service projects and, of course, monthly brunches designed to bring black women together in order to "celebrate, collaborate, slay, and socialize." Basically, right up our #Chickspiration alley.

Listen, when I tell you this was the best way we could have spent our Saturday – I am not lying. As three women (my bestie Brit was with us as well) who are all on entrepreneurial journies, being in a place where we were able to learn, ask questions, and be around like-minded women was an awesome experience. Add the fact that it was at Pappadeauxs (and that there were bottomless mimosas) and, BAYBAY, recipe for success.

One of my key take aways? This baddie acronym all of us boss babes should swear by:

B. Believe in your vision.

A. Action items are key. Break everything down.

D. Delegate. You can't be everything. Let others help.

D. Do it yourself. Learn a new skill, hone your craft, and do what you can.

I. Invest in yourself. Invest in others.

E. Execute - Again, again, again. Celebrate, but don't dwell, in your successes.

Right after the last snapshot, I high tailed it to the car and immediately put on my sneakers. While wearing heels was an interesting change of pace, I was ready to get back on solid ground.

Photos: Antonio Figueroa x Baddie Brunch

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