Happy Tuesday! Can you believe it's already the end of January!? Personally, my 2018 is off to a pretty dope start. We've had a few really cool opportunities so far this year (Ticara's breakfast with Nike Chicago was probably one of my favorites) and just last weekend I was given the opportunity to share our CNK story with JCI Creatives and their new web series, "Brand Responsibly."

JCI Founder Jaren Collins met up with me at my favorite sneaker shop in Dallas (I actually hit up Centre in this Sneaker Diary over the summer) for an afternoon of browsing and b-roll. I opted for a black on black look for this shopping trip. When I have shoes that speak for themselves I usually tend to keep the outfit option on the simple side. I think a staple of my wardrobe is body suits. They can pair easily with skirts, slacks, or jeans, and they're usually a pretty cost effective addition to your closet. I recently got this deep v long sleep bodysuit from BooHoo (I love them, btw) and it's on sale now for 40% off the original price of $20. That's $12 ladies! Either way, not a bad deal. I wore these high-waisted jeans in our CNK Friendsgiving Sneaker Diary and I'm still happy with them.

For those of you who read this site on a regular basis, you’ll know I’m big on versatility. I like items that can be mixed and matched, worn multiple ways, and utilized throughout the year. BUT, on some rare occaisions I've been known to be attracted to items (usually sneakers) that are flashy AF.

This Air Huarache City arrived on my doorstop ahead of it's release last week and I thought this "Branding Responsibly" segment would be the perfect opportunity to break them out the box. As a longtime Huarache fan, I was super geeked when I saw first shots of the Huarache combined with the classic Bo Jackson Air Raid. I've wanted a pair of Air Raids for quite some time so, until I get that OG I'll definitely rock these in homage.

The sneaker, which was the brain child of Nike Footwear Design Lead Ashley Comeaux and Sportswear Women's Statement Footwear PLM Domonique Debnam (SHOUTOUT TO SNEAKER DESIGN GIRL POWER, BTW!!!), comes in four different colorways: Diffused Blue/Racer Pink, Speed Red, Black/Gum, and the color I opted for - Racer Pink/Vivid Sulfur.

The sock-like sneaker is good for a good slip-on/slip-off option, which means I'll definitely be wearing these on airport travel days. The removable straps offer a bit of versatility while the changeable heel patches bring a bit more excitement to the shoe. Basically, your sneaks will make a statement even when you walk away.

I absolutely love these kicks so, don't be surprised if you see me around Triple D in them quite often. If you're feeling the fit, be sure to shop the style by click the shop icons below and, if you'd like to see more from our friends at Centre, click here. Special thanks to Johnny, T, and the whole staff for always being so accomodating.

I'll also be sure to post the video from my interview with JCI Creatives' "Brand Responsibly" series when it goes live! So excited for you all to see it!

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Photos: JCI Creatives

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