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These last few weeks have been INSANE and I'm finally at a point where I'm no longer playing super catch-up. Basically, still catching up on things to do, but I no longer feel like I want to slam my head on my desk, so that's improvement - right? LOL. We're already in April and I cannot believe it. These last few weeks have been big for the site as we celebrated AMD 2017 both here in Dallas and in Chicago, revamped our mailing list (sign up!), and gathered more inspiring ladies for our #ChickChat series. While most of my nights and weekends have been one big blur, I've been keeping up with a ton of goals and modifying as needed. That said, I received a few goodies in the mail and this one I had to big up.

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In late February, I received a pair of sneakers that I've been itching to share. Ya'll know I prefer my sneakers to be as versatile as possible. Personally, unless it's something I've wanted since I received an allowance from Mom and Pops, I steer clear of anything that costs more than $100 without affording me the option of wearing with a few things in my wardrobe. I'm the most frugal sneaker-lover you'll ever meet, swear.

So, when I was gifted with this pair of Puma Clyde sneakers in honor of Black History Month, I knew they would be a staple of my wardrobe well past February. While I think mine are the women's version, but you can still find this Clyde "BHM" in smaller mens sizes.

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It has been increasingly warm here in Dallas over the last few weeks so, in an effort to stay cozy AND cool I opted for a t-shirt dress from American Apparel and a light two-tone flannel from Urban Outfitters, just in case Texas changed it's mind and decided to get chilly - which happens more often then you might think. My t-shirt dress was on MAJOR sale thanks to AA's going out of business sale. Unfortunetly, I couldn't find this exact one online, but I picked a few options for you that will work just the same.

I opted to take my new Pumas out in the streets for a shopping trip to one of my favorite Dallas sneaker boutiques. Centre is a shop I've been frequenting for YEARS and now that they're pushing more sneaker heat for ladies, I'm in there often.

For me, being able to put my own spin on mens options is a must. Doing so while repping the city that pays me is totally an added bonus. That's why I love Centre's selection of in-house clothing items. You usually have to grab it quick because everyone in the city pretty much feels the same way I do. Check out some of the goods they have to offer here.

As you can see, they have plenty of stuff for you to choose from.

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Lord knows I didn't need to add anything else to my closet, BUT I'm already sorting out clothes and shoes to give away and donate in order to spring clean my life this April. Lucky for us, that means I'll be in restock mode and ready for more Sneaker Diaries. Ha!

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Photos: Michelle Khan

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