It's been a very long time since I've dropped a Sneaker Diary but I promise I haven't been slacking. I've been busy working on other areas of the site and, I've got to say, it feels good to say that we've been bringing you tons of new original content. July was huge for us as we made our way to Chicago for Air Society coverage, we profiled an amazing stylist and an awesome DJ for our Chick Chat series (there's more coming in the next few weeks, btw), we launched our YouTube channel, AND I was honored to team with Kixpo to moderate a "Women In Sneaker Culture" panel featuring Leah McSweeney, Laura Stylez and our very own Release Editor, Cassidy Edwards. So, basically, we been working. All the while, I've been running around and I forgot to share with you a gem from my trip to LA a few months back.

I got this dress from (drumroll) Amazon. YES Y'ALL. I was in search of a grey tube dress, but everything I saw that was halfway decent was atleast $50 OR would take forever to ship to me - basically doing way too much for a simple tube dress. So, I took a shot with Amazon and my trusty Prime membership. This simple tube dress from Made by Emma got to me 2 days before I left for LA and rang in at a cool $13 USD. Slow clap for my budget. The only issue is that these Amazon boutiques tend to run small - I followed my intuition and ordered a size up from what I usually wear and it fit perfect.

Amazon really is coming up on the clothing front. I also nabbed this one-piece swimsuit and a backless bodysuit.

Before going out to dinner with two of my favorite LA transplats (shoutout to Eve and Laci, btw) myself and my friend Grey met up with one of my favorite LA-by-way-of-Texas photographers to grab some shots on a rooftop in DTLA. Unfortunely it was hella cold and pretty dreary so, I borrowed this "Dreamers Are The Saviors of The World" windbreaker by a New Orleans based brand by the name of Supreme Street. My windbreaker is all sold out, but you can grab a hoodie with the same text for $60 here. I instantly fell in love with the piece AND the message.

A few weeks ago, the folks at Puma gifted me with a pair of one of their latest silhouettes, the Tsugi Shinsei Trainer. I actually was able to unbox it with you all via the CNK Daily Instagram and, if you were watching, no - I still can't say the name of this shoe correctly. I'm working on it, though! LOL! Nonetheless, while I was in LA and walking all over the place, these Tsugi's were HELLA comfortable and I definitely wore them 3 times: during a day trek to the spa and for a small hike in Echo Park, for this shoot in DTLA and to dinner with a few of the homegirls, and back home on the plane.

In our last Puma post, we got a classic Clyde (which I've still been rocking this summer, btw) so, it was nice to get something a little bit different. While I'm still not a fan of the padding you see on the top of the shoe, I definitely dig the sock-inspired aesthetic and the comfortable sole. Basically, remove that fabric shell and the unecessary lacing and the Tsugi Shinsei will be perfect. Now, I just have to learn how to pronounce it.

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Photos: Chris Paul Thompson

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