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We’ll tick every box you want us to tick. All you have to do is the hard work.
— Stella McCartney

This morning, Stella McCartney presented her Adidas sports performance wear collection for the first time in Los Angeles. Displayed in a large studio via five different workout installations (one of which included a full pool), guests were led from room to room where models and social stars, including DJ and fitness blogger Hannah Bronfman, performed routines while dressed in the brightly colored threads of the Spring/Summer 2017 adidas collection which will hit stores in January.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, standout pieces included hot pink running tights, worn under voluminous running shorts and a floral patterned, oversize windbreaker with three-quarter sleeves. Mesh long-sleeve tees, as seen on Bronfman, ombre leggings, colorful baseball caps, fanny packs and Adidas Ultra Boost sneakers rounded out the looks.

See more of the looks below.

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“The Stella McCartney Adidas collection is just made to be in L.A.,” said the designer following the presentation. “We represent the L.A. kind of woman. We celebrate being outside — and you can be outside pretty much 24/7 on this side of the coast — and we’re also looking at what’s happening here in L.A. It’s so health driven, and it’s a very holistic place to be and we identify with that as a house. That’s kind of how I live my life.”

Like all of McCartney’s collections, the new line is eco-friendly. “Thirty-eight percent of the pieces are sustainable, which is pretty unheard of in this kind of high-technology performance space,” she said, adding that the engineered pieces, with their memory technology, are her personal favorite. “A lot of the knitted and woven pieces are great because they’re not cut-and-sew — they’re engineered — so they’re really low waste.”

However, make no mistake, Stella isn't concerned simply about aesthetics. She's focused on championing women in an industry that hasn't always catered to our needs. “When I first started the collaboration [in 2005], Adidas actually asked me to do part of the Originals line,” said McCartney of the brand’s Originals branch. “But [I said] your Sport Performance wear for women is not up to scratch, and that is something I really want to improve for women."

She added, “Men really get sold this story of ‘this is the new technology’ and [women] don’t — we get sold a free t-shirt with a magazine and we’re fine with it. But it’s not fine. If you wear Stella McCartney and adidas, we’ll give you all the technology you need to perform in your sport. We’ll give you the correct coolness, the windshield. We’ll think about the environment. We’ll tick every box you want us to tick, all you have to do is the hard work.”


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