Photos: Morgan Carter & CNK Daily

We’re getting better with this SneakHer Tip thing huh? A few weeks ago I told you guys about one of my wardrobe staples; the jumpsuit. We talked about colors, texture and even what sneakers to wear with them. Well this week we’re switching it up a little bit and we’re talking about socks. Who knew the right sock could make a shoe a bit more fun? Well, I had the opportunity to cop two pairs of the new Nike React Element 87 along with a pair from the good folks over at the swoosh. I instantly began to think about what socks would I wear with these? I went through my drawer to see what I could find and even pulled some options online for you guys! Let’s get into it!

The Nike React Element 87 has been a fan favorite because we get a chacne to have a little fun with our sock selection. For the 'Tonal Orange' colorway I love these sparkly socks I got from Topshop a few years ago! They've become a staple that I've worn with a ton of sneaks and will be wearing with this colorway. I think the 'Total Orange' colorway would look dope with a pair of sheer black socks like the YSL ones above and different shades of blue.

After our design session with Nike React Team (which I can't wait to share with you all soon) we were gifted a pair of the Nike React Element 87 in the 'Neptune Green' colorway, I had already purchased for myself, but I was still extremely grateful.I found these the most difficult to pair with socks! They are such a muted pair of sneakers that I didn't know what to wear with them since the upper was also quite dark. But, I figured they would look great with mostly earth tones; orange, bronze, olive, cream and more. There's a tiny touch of a light salmon too that you can match your socks with or go down the pink color spectrum as well.

Luckily, I was able to exchange my duplicate colorway for the new drop of the day which was the 'Solar Red.' Honestly, it wasn't the typical color scheme of a sneaker that I would usually go for however I found these the most fun to style. Inspired by the 'Lucid Dreams' space and the black lights that made every single color pop I decided to go with another bright color, neon green or volt. The solar red with the volt sock are a match made in heaven. I would still wear these with a black or grey sock for a more toned down appearance in the future.

Now that we’ve given you our thoughts, let us know if you’ll be copping and how you will style your new pairs of the Nike React Element 87!