Besides the whole “Everything is bigger in Texas” thing, there are stereotypes everyone has about The Lone Star State. Since we live here and everything it's only fitting that our very first CNK Closet feature embodies a few traits straight out of Cowboy Country. While Sandrine Phay doesn't exactly walk around in cowboy hats and boots, her larger-than Big Tex personality and love for all things SOUF, make it hard to separate this Texas girl from her roots. Plus, she says "y'all"...a lot.


Aside from her knack for the underground (no surprise she can often be found taking in Dallas' rising music scene) Phay’s got a sincere appreciation for the deep-fried southern culture that makes Dallas so great. The self-confessed “hope dealer” (she even named her company after the catchy moniker) is a master at repping her city on everything from crewnecks to simple satchels. “I'm a sucker for the little things. Dallas is growing and I'm in the thick of it.  A love for the music is something that comes natural to me.  That definitely reflects in my style.”  One need look no further than the computer she keeps within reach, stacked with sticker reflections of her favorites - including Texas icon Selena v=because, anything for Selenas.

We arrived at her home with a camera and a smile and quickly got to work making closet alchemy. Phay’s home is a simple mix of sassy meets sweet (we about had a laugh attack at the Henny Pure White and Cinnamon Toast Crunch combo in her kitchen) and her sneaker style seems geared more towards those concert-filled nights mingling with the artists she pushes with her specialized brand of PR punch. We were totally gaga when we saw the Kobe sneaks convienitly tucked between Retro J's and Infrared Air Maxes.  A “Choose Happiness” reminder on her fridge only further captured a mood that seemed so Sandrine.  All about positivity, period. Turns out she even bought the matching tote because, good vibes should travel with you right?

Phay played the quintessential host, too: turning on the jams and suggesting post-shoot dinner options, quickly winning us over and getting the key to our Deep Ellum loving hearts. After dressing her up in (wait for it!) a CNK Signature tee and those Air Maxes, we kicked off the shoes and let Drine bring on that southern hospitality.