It's always fun when business and pleasure collide in a perfect day.  Add coffee, kicks, and California to that mix and you pretty much have our time spent with Nicky G in a nutshell.  In a morning filled with conference calls, social media posts, and non-stop emails we met this self-proclaimed orchestrator of all things (pretty accurate, might we add) in Hollywood for a little java and a peak at what's currently in her very busy sneaker rotation.  

hen your CV is as decorated with gigs that land you in-depth convos with J.Lo and managing the madness of a multiple massive social media followings, chances are that it's more than just your shoes that have stories to share. “I'm living my dreams.  All of this has been a ride filled with hard work and so much growth. But the most rewarding has been making connections with people, building brands, and doing this crazy work everyday." 

The holiday spirit was alive as The Grove set the perfect backdrop and between sips of Chai and trolley rides, Nicky reinvigorated our thirst for simple silhouettes with her collection of comfy Reebok Classics and New Balance mainstays. A recap of her recent time on tour with Jake&Papa, the duo she manages, brought out the blacked out Timbs. And, after handling a few urgent messages from her gig as Social Media Director for a certain OG Triple OG hip-hop journalist (Hey Sway!), Nicky kicked her feet up in a pair of perfect Huaraches and dished on her passion project - HerOwnLane,  a platform she created which allows Nicky to use her social footprint to and empower young women.  Needless to say, we left our time with this Jill of a few dozen trades practically floating on a cloud of Chickspiration and Christmas cheer.