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Cassie Holt: Singer/Songwriter. Dallas, Texas

Cassie Holt: Singer/Songwriter. Dallas, Texas

Ok, so let's just get this out of our system - "THIS MAN AIN'T SH*T!"

If you're a fan of Cassie Holt and the Lost Souls; we know you were thinking it, too. Now, allow us to proceed.

Aside from the aforementioned "man" (side note: she's not a man basher - that one was just a doozy), it was Cassie Holt's soul that brought us to her Dallas house in the sky. We'd heard plenty of whispers about the vintage trinkets that seemed to fuse so perfectly with her old school vibe, so when the opportunity to see it for ourselves came along, well, we ran. Actually, we took an Uber, but that's beside the point.

Just when we thought we'd seen the beauty that Dallas has to offer in it's converted high rises, this happened. Because how would you decorate your abode if it was an office building built in 1913?  Stack it with pops of color and vintage flair right down to the Nike Pegasus 83 and OG issues of Playboy?  Farrah Fawcett's scantily-clad snaps might be a miss for some, but consider this just a small taste of what's coming to you in Cassie Holt's gorgeous A-P-T.

After entering her spot through the reclaimed oak office doors (complete with 'Letter' slot and diamond glass panes...OHMYGAH) we were transported instantly into Cassie's retro world of awesome.  Decorating every crevase and corner of her eclectic abode in the plush (the couch = everything), the whimsical, and a treasure trove of books, knick knacks, and the type of vintage jewelry you can only get from your grandmother's A-1 collection.  Cassie set her sights on her "tranquil space" and made it a place we'd totally like to call home. Yes, you read that right. The ambiance is real in her little oasis, which is filled with her keyboard and oh, you know, just about a billion vinyl records. We're talking everything from Sade's Promise to, like, every single Aretha album ever.  Oh, and there's even a section devoted to her love for all things bejeweled and bedazzled; we're pretty sure her middle name is 'Estate Sale.'  Cassie Estate Sale Holt.  That's it.

And it was only up (literally) from there.   After rummaging through her closet and making ourselves at home in her shoes, we kicked it with coffee on the rooftop (the Dallas skyline and a really nice high rise neighbor from my hometown of Minneapolis kept us company) and got deep about body image, the evil that is Sally Mae, and why finding your happiness is worth all the crappy life moments. And when it comes to her music? Cassie candidly told us: "There's too much soul in me not to share this with the world."  We agree, ma'am.  100%.

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