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Tristen Paige: Philanthropist/Founder, Turning Paiges. Pasadena, CA

Tristen Paige: Philanthropist/Founder, Turning Paiges. Pasadena, CA

Would you be shocked if we told you that it ('it' being this very website you're browsing while probably trying to avoid actually checking your work emails) doesn't matter much to us if your sneaker collection is on the small side. 

Despite what you might think, it's not always about the sheer volume of brands lining one's sneaker rack; it's ultimately the stories and experiences behind the shoe (or shirt, or bag... we're not too picky) that really draw us in. Example: Tristen Paige.

While it doesn't exactly hurt that our hours with Tristen were accompanied by Nike Flyknits and the always lovely Jumpman; it's really about the experiences behind them, which she spilled during our recent shoot at her Pasadena bungalow. Talking throughout our random snapshots (she sat eloquently at her desk, always attentive) she shared stories behind everything from the decision behind her Air Max Thea 'Joli' ("They just BREATHE, you know?") to how her Flyknits have simply become her everyday I-have-to-go-somewhere-now shoe.  Then, we got more personal.  

If the shots of the books-on-books intermingled with the FD Style Guides and a massive copy of Philanthropy Age didn't quite tip you off, Tristen has a serious desire for giving back. Switching from her daily live in Dallas to a student in Pasadena hasn't stopped her from acting as Chairman (or Chairwoman. Just saying.) and Founder of Turning Paiges, a Dallas-based non-profit organization designed to touch lives through ministry, outreach and service.  Through events like their quarterly trips to feed the homeless, their charitable mission trip to rural areas in the Dominican Republic to teach sign language (you can contribute to the next trip via GoFundMe) and  the TP 'Sole Saving' initiative designed to provide new or gently used sneakers for the homeless, Turning Paiges is bringing the good in a world that needs all it can get.  Who else feels warm and tingly inside?

When she isn't raising her voice for a good cause, a call to prayer, or advocating for victims of domestic violence, Tristen is raising something else: her daughter Laila.  So, you can appreciate the serious thing Tristen has for tranquility and positive energy in her amazingly cozy house in Rose Bowl country. On an equally obvious tip, her creativity is also pretty darn boss as customized pumpkins (Laila wasn't eager to let go of Halloween), a complete outdoor zen spot for one (complete with massive candles and a swing that'll take you back to childhood with a quickness) and her very own art littered the walls of her place, which prompted us to ask only one thing: when can we come back?