Image: Frank Cooker IG

Image: Frank Cooker IG

As many of you know, there has been a heightened sense of turmoil going on in the world. This subject hits very close to home because in actuality, it is in our own backyards. I feel that many of these struggles, such as racial injustices, have been going on for decades but we are becoming more aware due to social media and other platforms. We all have a voice to stand against injustice and discrimination and we should use it.

We are here to champion brands that use their platforms to ignite positive movements. Nike has been a strong proponent of social change with their EQUALITY campaigns and Black History Month releases. The Jumpman is no stranger to Black History Month releases, and recently we came across an Air Jordan 1 with an important message to deliver.

... and so does standing up for peace , harmony , equality and justice for ALL!

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Jordan Brand's own, Frank Cooker, took to the Instagram streets to post a triple black Jordan 1. Frank, who works in energy design, has been known to wear samples and Jordan silhouettes that we don't normally see on retail shelves. However, this iteration was special because of what it clearly stood for. The black straps across the ankle had "BLACK LIVES MATTER" written in white. A bold and very necessary statement for all to see.

Will this shoe make it to retail? How do you feel the public eye receives this message on a Jordan Brand sneaker? Would you cop? Personally, I would grab a pair because of the importance of inclusion. Regardless of any big business politics, brands have the opportunity to influence the people by being a catalyst. This could be a big step in a positive direction. Stay tuned.

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