Image: VANS

Image: VANS

Since I was old enough to remember, Vans have always been a sneaker in my household. From my siblings to myself and now my own children - we were buying Vans shoes and apparel. I was introduced to the shoe game through the skater world, and Vans was a crucial part of the everyday skaterboarder "uniform". The sneakers were also affordable, so my parents didn't mind spending a few coins on any Vans silhouette.

But truth be told, Vans has held their authenticity to what their brand is about, and that is a big factor for their success throughout the years. Shoes are not only about rocking in the skate park, but they serve as a conduit to connecting with people. CNK participated in a Vans Girls event that emphasized empowering each other and believing in oneself. Pretty awesome, huh?!

Now one of our favorite brands is treating us like family. Vans has a dope platform called 'VANS FAMILY' which gives you all kinds of insider perks. By signing up, you can receive points to redeem for purchases, exclusive insider info, members only custom designs, and really cool experiences through their platform.


We fell in love with this creative Vans custom design curated by California based artist, Kindah Khalidy. Good news is that it's an insider perk (insert wink emoji). Vans already lets you get fly with a blank canvas sneaker, but this takes it to a new level of creativity.

We have signed up as Vans Family members, and suggest you don't sleep on the opportunity to get in on the mix. We would love to see what our CNK Crew creates with a classic Vans sneakHER!


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