images: Puma

images: Puma

As technology advances, it seems only fitting that brands are finding ways to incorporate the tech we use daily into wearable clothing items. Puma has been one of the sportswear brands on the forefront of this tech in footwear wave. From the first laceless kicks in 1968 to the first computerized shoe in 1989 and the AutoDisc in 2016, Puma has been working tirelessly to perfect their smart sneakers. Now, the brand has just unveiled their latest project, Fit Intelligence.

We have created a product that speaks to the future of sport which is life in motion. It’s fast and changing all the time.
— Charles Johnson, Puma’s Global Director of Innovation

Decades of research has gone into Fit Intelligence and you can definitely tell with the shoe’s construction. The auto-lacing sneaker is lightweight, wearable outside of the gym, and super durable. This Fi debut model sports a black mesh upper with a white Puma stripe on each side. Subtle branding is seen on the heel and on a forefoot band that adds extra support for the self-lacing sneaker. The standout feature is definitely the micromotor and bright blue cables that adjust to your foot. Wearers can adjust their fit by swiping up or down on the micromotor or by using the corresponding app. Take a look at the Fi sneaker below!

While we can expect to see Fit Intelligence make its way on to more silhouettes, this debut model is slated to release in 2020. I’m super excited about this technology because of its future uses and how much it can help people, whether in the gym or just by making life a little easier. For those that are eager to get your hands on these kicks, Puma is offering beta testing! Click the link down below to find out how to sign up.