Adidas Believes In The Power Of The Mantra

Image: Adidas | Wanderlust

Image: Adidas | Wanderlust

We are into the 2nd quarter of 2017 and sometimes we need a positive reminder to push through and ways to keep it calm. Adidas | Wanderlust has collaborated with to bring awareness to Mindful Messages and the impactful influence they have on our lives. By visiting the Motivational Mantra site, you can create your own personal message to inspire others around the world. Pretty cool, huh? For every mantra shared, Adidas will donate money to the Women Win Organization who motivate and empower teenage girls to develop leadership skills and exercise their rights through sports.

Adidas | Wanderlust creates a platform of engagement for the healthy lifestyle enthusiast. Women Win focuses on providing tools and resources to young girls and strategically use sport programs to encourage a platform for women’s rights. Some girl power never hurt anyone and we all need to uplift each other. We are creating great stories, and sharing these positive moments are so beneficial for our growth as women.

Image: Women Win

Image: Women Win

The Oxford dictionary defines a mantra as a word or sound repeated to aid meditation. To break it down to you lovely ladies, it’s pretty much your subtitle of the awesome book that is your life. You choose what you want to say to yourself and you keep repeating it until you believe it. Capeesh? You can choose to do this wherever and whenever you want. If you want to sit and repeat it to yourself as you’re meditating, go for it. For example, I love telling myself mantras when I’m ¾ through my run and I feel like throwing up all over myself. The mantra works as a positive statement that will assist you in reaching whatever goal you’re reaching for.

Two things that are vital with mantras. You must be doing it consistently. There is so much science behind the repetition of words and your subconscious. Your subconscious is pretty much like a sponge. You’ve created the story that you are living, and you can choose to live whatever story you want. If you want to be a chick who can run a company, run marathons, and run a family. TELL YOSELF! The second most pivotal thing with mantras is you HAVE to believe it. That’s the point. You tell yourself until you believe it. One thing I’ve started doing is talking to myself (don’t judge me) like I would my best friend. If your bestie is going through something, you don’t just let her wallow and feel sorry for herself! You tell her to get her butt up and hustle hard. Imagine if you talked to yourself that way? The irony is that we don’t. We’re always so quick to put ourselves down and be so hard on ourselves. Show yourself kindness and grace. That will look great on you and will take yourself way further than treating yourself like you should have treated your ex. It's okay to smile and OWN your own peace.

Here are some tips and tricks for writing your mantra.

-Think about what it is that you really want to change or catalyze in your life. Is it money, confidence, love, friendship, or a vacation for the first time in ten years? Tell yourself you’re worthy of whatever it is and keep your heart open.

-Keep it short and keep it simple. When first starting out with mantras just keep it to three or four words and one of the best things you can do is begin with an ‘I am’ statement. ‘I am strong’ ‘I am perfect (because you are, just the way you are)’ ‘I am love’ ‘I am abundance.’

-Write it down. Again, science. Once your brain reads something that has been written, it tends to reference it and will keep it in the forefront.

-Practice. Practice. Practice. (Allen Iverson voice) You wanna get a nice body? You work out. You won’t have that dream body by going once. Same with your brain, which ultimately translates to your life. You wanna nice brain? Work it out. Repeat your mantra 25 times to yourself and then go from there. Once your brain starts to believe what you’re telling it, sit back and watch your life change.

Write it. Read It. Say It. Believe It. Live It.

Make sure you head over to Adidas | Wanderlust Motivational Mantra and create an inspirational mantra while having the opportunity to share it with other ladies around the world.

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