Cop or Can: Nike Brings The Bold With Reflective Safari Pack

One time for the bold souls who flock to drops that scream 'THIS WON'T MATCH ANYTHING IN YOUR WARDROBE!' - this Nike double pack is probably right up your alley. The unique combo brings together aqua (or sea foam, if you're picky like that) and gold with a strip of safari print to cement the anti-matchy feel. 

The Nike Air Huarache Utility and Air Max 1 Ultra Essential are the chosen silhouettes for Nike's latest safari experiment.  Here's an added perk: the safari print is coated with 3M, so get ready to draw even more attention when that flash goes off. 

Bad news? Of course there would be some, huh? As of right now, there is no specific drop date for the Reflective Safari Pack, BUT they'll for sure be pat of Nike's Spring 2016 collection.

So, what's your take on the Reflective Safari Pack? Cop or can?