5 Basic SneakHER Buys You Need To Invest In

Image: Cassidy Edwards for CNK Daily

If you're a regular CNKDaily reader, you might think that we're all currently sitting cute AF in summer's latest sneaker trends (aka revamped retro runners, sustainable sneaks, and lots of colorblocked options), but that isn't our typical go-to. Now, don't get us wrong—we love trying out all (and we do mean all) the latest sneaker trends, but most of the time, you'll find us wearing everyday basics. Think, white on whites, Old Skools, and classics that don't break the bank. The same can be said about a few other closet options. From sneakers to storage, there are certain must-haves that have helped us maintain the shoes we have and keep our pockets in check.

Sure, the term "basic" has developed something of a negative connotation and probably conjures up images that are less than appealing, but we'd make the case that certain everyday items are a reason why we keep our sneakher jabits in check. Admittedly, these are not the most thrilling pairs of shoes or accessories in our collections, but they're the versatile, low-key staples we wear on repeat. Without further ado, keep scrolling to see and shop five basic sneakher buys you need to invest in.

  1. White Sneakers

When in doubt, you simply can't go wrong with a pair of classic white sneakers. White on whites pair well with everything from your favorite skinny jeans to a cute floral frock.

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2. Cleaning Kits and/or Wipes

We’re huge champions of actually wearing your shoes because, why would you buy something that just sits in the box? But, we’re also big fans of making sure our sneaks can hold up after a few wears and still look fresh. Cleaning kits and travel wipes are a great way to make sure you’re protecting your kicks from the dirt and grime that comes along with typical wear and tear.

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4. Sturdy Socks

Let’s get something straight right now: wearing sneakers without socks is kind of gross and, will probably result in shoes you have to power wash before you know it. That’s why we like to keep a steady stream of foot blankets on deck. From traditional tube socks to that clutch no-show option, here are a few sock options we cosign. P.S. there are a few fun options sprinkled in the mix as well.

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5. Slide Through

One thing we can’t live without: slides. You’d be surprised how much wear we get out of our Adilettes and Benassis. These babies are the perfect house shoe/pool shoe/quick slip-on combo and, nine times out of ten, you can grab them for under $50.

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