SneakHER Style: These Colors Are Perfect For Your Summer Fits

It's summer and, if you're anything like us, you promised yourself you would start wearing more color. But, the truth is, black seems to be your go-to and you really aren't sure how to grab your best glow-in-the-dark coordinates without looking like a walking hazard vest. Hello, and welcome to my Ted Talk.

Today we're going to dive into color. Not just your typical pastels but, that bright bright. This summer is the season for volt yellow, hot pink, flashy greens, and all of the Fanta-esque orange. It's also a chance to get granular on the color wheel and engage with out-of-the-box color combinations that will easily pair with more muted items -- like your favorite distressed jeans, white tee, or simple midi dress.

And, if wearing a volt-colored track suit is a solid "nope", never fear, we've added a few sneaker options that will allow you go ham on this summer's brightest colors with just a small kick - pun intended.

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