Nike Goes Mesh With New Sock Dart Fleece

Images: gc911

I don't know about you, but I am READY for this temp to drop. So, with all of the winter-friendly kick options coming out of e-hiding, I think it's pretty safe to say that I am definitely feeling the frost to come.  BUT, if you live in a state that isn't exactly known for reaching subzero temps (Welcome to Texas, y'all) the thought of wearing a certified sneaker boot in 60 degree weather isn't all that appealing. Lucky for us, the good folks in Swooshville have us covered. Literally.  

Nike Sportswear is back with more fleece-constructed Sock Darts for fall. The popular lifestyle model from Nike first showed up in fleece last winter, and now they’re back again in all new looks for the fall. 

Two new options just hit net as grey (or this gorgeous maroon) heathered fleece combine with accents in matching shades and a set of tan heel counters. While there is no official release date just yet, this new fleece Sock Dart should make it's way to Nike Sportswear retailers later this fall.

Source: gc911

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