Did Kylie Jenner Just Ink a Deal with Puma? (UPDATE)

Photo Credit - USMagazine

Is Kylie Jenner the latest celebrity face to hop on the Puma train?  If you believe US Weekly, perhaps.  According to the magazine, Puma and Kylie Jenner are joining forces completel with a seven-figure deal for the reality teen. If this is actually true, we probably have Rihanna to thank for the collab due to the enormous success of her Puma Creeper collection.  

While reports claim the deal isn't “full out like Rihanna’s collaboration”, it’s clear that the brand has every reason to use Kylie’s massive social media audience to appeal to younger audience in order to compete with adidas' rising lifestyle appeal and Nike's industry strong hold.  Why Kylie?  Aside from the fact that it's clear she has a love for sneakers, you need look no further than her sold out lipstick line to see how much her personal brand can impact sales. 

While I'm eager to hear more, I definitely won't be in full believe mode until this deal is considered confirmed by Puma and the youngest Ms. Jenner.

What are your thoughts on Puma’s (potential) move?

UPDATE 2/10/2016:

Well, it looks like Kylie's deal was on and then off, according to her brother-in-law.  Amid all the rumors, Kanye West stepped in and declared that Kylie is Team adidas, forever and ever.  

But, it seems it wasn't just a rumor.  Kanye also confirmed that a six-figure deal was on the table and, um, it will be politely declined.

Kylie followed up with a little hint of her own: an Instagram post, clearly showing off a pair of Vans.  Yea...we're confused too.

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