You Need To Meet This South Korean Longboarding Sensation

After picking up longboarding just two short years ago, Ko Hyojoo is already making a name for herself on South Korea's skating scene. Although still a beginner according to more experienced skate gawds,  Ko moves like an OG Triple OG on her board.  That footwork? Nice. 

Moves like the “nollie-shuvit” and “nose-manual” are child's play to this coasting chica.  Yea. I totally don't even know what those are, like...not at all.  Ko has been so impressive that even the fashion world has started to take notice.  Decked in total non-skater chic, Ko has been catching eyes in shorts, mini skirts, and flowing shirts with her kicks as she "dances" through the streets on her board.  Fashion and style grail Vogue profiled the rising skate star and highlighted her skills.  Check out the visuals below and head to Ko's Instagram for more.

via Vogue

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