Wish List: adidas Is Changing the Footwear Game With “Futurecraft Tailored Fibre”

Last year, adidas’ Futurecraft technology brought us 3D-printed midsoles, machine-crafted leather uppers and even sneakers created using plastic from the ocean. Now the Three Stripes joins with alexander taylor studio for a revolutionary project - the Futurecraft Tailored Fibre. The third in a series of game-changing manufacturing techniques, the Tailored Fibre enables footwear designs to be modified to the individual needs of the purchaser.

Images: adidas

Tailored Fibre technology allows the upper ergonomically tuned to meet the needs of its wearer. To better understand the innovation, adidas created a video (because, YouTube is king) showing how a bespoke upper is created from entwined fabrics, resulting in something that's pretty beautiful to watch.  See it in full up top.

For those of you who may be weary of that new new, never fear - the adidas Tailored Fibre utilizes a full-length Boost outsole.

While the project is quite impressive and can easily lead you right into swoon territory, we'll have to wait to actually get our feet in these. Like the majority of Futurecraft designs to date, these exist only as a prototype for now - because adidas loves a good tease. Hopefully adidas is able to deliver this level of innovation at a retail level sooner rather than later.  It's still on the Wish List, though. Fist pump.

Source: DesignBoom

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